Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sex & the City 2 sucks

First of all, I would like to apologize for not blogging for like "forever". Haha.
I'm very busy with uni, having finals next week. X.X
(wish me luck!)

Anyway, yesterday I watched Sex & the City 2.

It was rather disappointing.

Reasons why it sucked :

1. Half-funny jokes.
They tried to crack some jokes but it wasn't funny enough.
It was like "haha?" instead of "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!".
(If you get what I mean, LOL)

2. The casts are old but they are trying to be young.

*Put some pants on please, aunty.*

3. Unrealistic fashion.
I mean, I love beautiful clothes and shoes etc but it's just too much.
Even at home or in the hotel room or in the market, they were wearing long gowns that touches the floor, put on heavy make up, wear accessories etc which obviously doesn't make any sense to me.

*Carrie wore this to the market.*

*Charlotte and Miranda in the bar in their suites.*

On top of that, when they were in the deserts, they changed their wardrobe thrice?
a) On the way there 1 outfit
b) When they have to sit on the camel, they had changed to another outfit

c) When they have lunch, change to another outfit again

4. Bad karaoke.
If they can't sing, don't make them sing!

5. The movie did not finish what they started.
For example, Samantha Jones's hottie in Abu Dhabi just disappeared.
So was Carrie Bradshaw's ex-boyfriend, Aidan.

6. Boring.
I found myself yawning throughout the movie (not because I was sleepy).
The first quarter of the movie was boring.
It only started to get exciting when they were in Abu Dhabi.

7. Too dramatic
When Carrie kissed Aidan, she went nuts and had to call all her friends to talk about it.

8. Too fairytale.
Even when Carrie kissed Aidan, Mr. Big forgave her without any fight and bought her a black diamond ring.
Come on, everybody knows that that doesn't happen in the real world?

9. Miley Cyrus was in the movie.

I think number 9 says it all. HAHA.

BUT, to give the movie some credit, I do love a few things :
1. A different scene.
I was quite surprised when most of the movie was set in Abu Dhabi which was unique.

*No, this was not the hotel they stayed. I couldn't remember the name. Haha.*

2. Love the wardrobe, as usual.

Ermmm, that's about it? XP

Movie fact :
The movie was actually not filmed in Abu Dhabi because the officials rejected after reading the scripts. They were also unhappy to be associated with the movie.
The real location was actually Marrakesh, Morocco.

Have a nice week!

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