Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Favourite Radio Station

Remember the song "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha in Hitz.fm where "beer" became "berry"?

Well, I've just listened to the clubbing remix of it in Hitz.fm just now (about 1 am) and they didn't censor it!

Maybe because they know Saturday night is a clubbing night and people will be drinking beers already so no point censoring it. XP


Okay, moving on to another topic.

If you listen to Hitz.fm, you would notice that they have celebrities saying things like :

"Hi, I'm Taylor Sweep. I sweep floors all the time as a charity work to make the world a cleaner place. This is Taylor Sweep and together with Hitz.fm, we care about you and your cleanliness blah blah blah."

*I typed "Taylor Swift sweeping floor" in Yahoo! Image and they gave me this pic of her in this gorgeous long gown. Haha.*

Anyway, Adam Lambert said something like :

"Hi, this is Adam Lambert. After American Idol, my life has changed
360 degrees...."

Okay, I bet he failed his math class.

360 degrees.
That's back at 0 degree.
Means there wasn't any changes!!!!!


I think what he wanted to say was 180 degrees instead.

Disclaimer : I have nothing against Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert or Hitz.fm.
In fact, I'm quite a loyal listener of Hitz.fm. XP

Friday, 23 April 2010


I've been watching "Ugly Betty" a lot lately. Haha.

Anyway, there was this funny cheer that I must share with you guys about.
"Mode" and "Elle" are competing magazines and this cheer was during a sports event.

The cheer :

We're "Mode", We're cool
We'll take your team to school
You're "Elle", You smell
Your team can go to hell!

God, that's hilarious!

Ahh.... Miss my old cheer-leading days.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sometimes you can't make it on your own

I never liked ANY of U2's songs but I think this song is amazing.

First heard it while watching "Ugly Betty".

I think the studio version is better than this live one though. =)

Anyway, enjoy!


Boners in the Morning

As promised to Ieka, Susan, Hui Yin, Janice and David, I would research on this topic and blog about it to clear the air once and for all. HAHA!

The question :
Why do guys have boners in the morning?
This is also termed as "morning wood" or "morning tent".

Before moving on, do you know what's a "boner"?
Boner is a slang term for an erected penis. XP

So back to the original question, before I did my research, I was told that guys get boners in the morning because they want to pee.
Guess what, that's a MYTH!

The boner and the need to pee are coincidental.
If guys really do get boners because they want to pee, we would be seeing erected dicks everywhere everyday!!!!!!!
(So Janice was right about this one. HAHA!)
Oh by the way, having morning wood and wanting to pee is called "Pee Horn".
Morning woods are not necessarily caused by dirty thoughts.

Did you watch "The Proposal" acted by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds?
(If you didn't, go watch it! It's quite a nice movie!)

Anyway, there was a scene where Ryan's family member wanted to come into their room in the morning.
They were pretending to be a couple getting married. Ryan was actually sleeping on the floor while Sandra was on the bed.
So, Ryan quickly rushed to the bed pretending all lovey dovey with Sandra.

Then probably Sandra felt his "morning wood" and gave Ryan a disgusted look thinking that he was excited from all that close proximity.
Then he answered something about it was morning time.

Anyway, based on Answer.com, there are several reasons for "morning wood".

1. Result of deep relaxation.

This is due experienced in deep sleep called REM (rapid eye movement).
REM is a complicated topic (I've presented it in class once, haha).
All you've gotta know is that there are 5 dream stages, first four are non-REM while the last one is REM.
REM is the stage where most vivid dreams will occur.

2. The male testosterone level is at its highest in the early morning during restful sleep, usually built up during the night and at its highest around 4-6 a.m.

3. Boners are considered as a source of increased blood supply to the penis.
Thus, the male body will have several erections at night, just to keep the penis healthy. HAHA!

So, guys...

Go have boners for a healthier life! XP

ps, A totally different topic, while I was researching for this thing,
I saw "Death erection".
Death erection is a post-mortem erection, observed in corpses of human males who have been executed, particularly by hanging.
No offence to the dead but can you imagine a dead body with a boner??

Okay, I'm gonna end it at that. Haha.

Have a nice day!


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Clash of the Titans

I just watched this movie with my boyfriend yesterday.
We purposely waited for this movie until 12.05am because the slots before that are full in the cinema.
It was so not worth it.

This movie sucks!

This movie is mainly about the Greek Gods and the people created by them.

Why it sucked:

1. The graphics.
This guy is Sam Worthington.
He acted in as the main character in Avatar as Jake Sully and also this movie as Perseus.
The difference is, the graphics in Avatar was superb.
The graphics in this movie sucks and it was fake as hell.

To portray a God, they make them have this blurred shiny armor that looks like your TV is not working :
I'd rather have the gold ring on top of the head. Haha.
(Ken Yang said it is called as a "Halo".)

2. People always said that Avatar is not original blah blah blah.
Clash of the Titans is much worst than that!
This movie is a total copycat!!

It contains a lil' bit of Transformer,
*I can't find a better picture than this but this THING over here looks like a robot when it removes its cloth.*

Harry Potter,

Star Wars,

Anastasia (the Disney cartoon),

Percy Jackson and the Olympians : Lightning Thief
*Medusa with the snake hair.*

...and "God" knows what else.

3. There wasn't a single kiss in the movie.
I mean, I know it is PG13 but...
Hello? Don't you know sex sells????
And a lil' kiss wouldn't harm any 13 year old kid.

4. The whole movie's mission was to kill Kraken, some big sea-monster.
However, the final battle was kinda short and it looked so easy to defeat it.

That's Kraken.

5. Same thing when it comes to defeating this guy from Hell :

6. There were more than 1 monster that have pointy tails.
Can't they get a lil' more creative?

7. They said this woman is the prettiest one in the world blah blah blah.

*The one on the right side of the picture*

*Even having the badass guy from James Bond wouldn't help this movie.*

The woman from point number 3 is wayyy better than her.

8. Basically, the whole story doesn't make sense at all (to me).

My rating for this movie is only 3 out of 10.
Ken Yang even slept halfway of the movie. HAHA!

If you really wanna watch it, please don't waste your money on the 3-D.

Have a nice weekend!

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