Sunday, 27 December 2009

Silent Readers

Are you a silent reader?

I don't mean books but MY blog. Haha.

I noticed that there are quite a number of people who follows my blog.

One of them is Richard :

I mean, you people will talk to me about it, in msn or face to face but never,
...leave a single trace of your existence on my blog.

*Why do you wanna wear rubber gloves to my blog?!*

I even placed a chatbox on the right conner already.
(Can you SEE it?)
You could at least say "Hi"? Haha.

I mean, if you're a stalker or a copycat, I totally understand the secrecy. Haha.

If you don't know how to comment, you can always click on the "First Timers" at the top of my blog. =)

Answer 5 is pretty useless given that you're a silent reader, I know. Haha.

Time to remove your mask. XD

ps, Won't be around for the next three days. =)
Don't miss me (perasan). HEHE. XD

Fairy Tales

Christmas is over.

Santa Claus has already packed his bag and went back to North Pole.

Oh wait a sec...

Santa Claus???

Like most fairy tales, Santa Claus DON'T exist.

I think many of us realizes that as we grew up.

As much as I love watching fairy tales cartoons and movies,
as much as I collect them as Barbie dolls when I was younger,
as much as I wish sometimes they are true,
I know they are NOT.

I mean, for example, Cinderella and her glass slipper.

In real life, she would have sore feet from wearing that hard thing.

And Rapunzel will probably have split ends problems.

I'm not saying that our parents lied.

These stories are here for some reasons.

In my opinion, fairy tales helped children to go to sleep.

Fantasies (No, I don't mean THAT one. *wink* Haha.) is also one of the ways that allow creativity to bloom.

Not only so, it brings people hope that sometimes miracles can happen in life,
such as you finding your prince or princess and live happily ever after.

Nevertheless, it is important that we don't mistake fantasies for reality.

*Juny Kono, left, and Tomoharu Fujimaki, window cleaners dressed as Santa Claus and reindeer cleaning windows at a mall in Tokyo, Japan, on 23rd December 2009.*

Have a great day!


All Girls Korean Groups

You know this Korean group "Wonder Girls"?
(Reminds me of Wonder bra. Haha. *wink*)

Quite cute. Haha. But not quite as hot as "Girls Generation".

You need to watch the video below to understand what I'm talking about. =)


Anyway, back to the "Wonder Girls", their song "Nobody" became quite a hit on radio stations lately.
(I heard it again on the radio just now!)
I even heard someone in the mall used it as his ringtone.

However, before I heard the proper version, I've already heard its parody version months ago.

I think, it is pretty usual for us to remember the 1st impression instead right?

So, when I hear the proper version, I think of the paraody version instead, which is EFFING HILARIOUS.

This is the parody version "Wash Your Hands Too" :

Enjoy! =)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

My New Baby

I've been using THIS for the (almost) past 1 year.

This is my old phone actually.
It is Sony Ericsson Z520.
(I don't even remember the model name. I had to search online. Haha.)

I lost my SE s500i beginning this year and didn't get a new phone after that.

But now...

I've got a new baby.

Lemme present to you,
my all new (okay, it has been almost a week now) Nokia 6760 Slide!

Isn't she pretty?

She looks beautiful when the lights are off too.

Love it so far.
But I still need some time to get used to the qwerty pad texting. Haha.


Ken Yang bought a new phone too.


I've posted these pictures up in my Facebook actually.

Anyway, the picture below is Lolly (my dog, if you don't know by now, haha) and a Hush Puppies plushie (original 1 okay?! XD)

My dog is not the same breed as the Hush Puppies dog. Haha.
My dog is English Springer Spaniel while the Hush Puppies's ambassador (Haha) is Basset Hound.

She was initially scared of the plushie. Haha.

But now....
...she grew to love it. =)

She even know how to fetch the plushie when she's asked to.
Here's the proof! Hehe.

Okok, I know I sounded crazy because I asked her to fetch the plushie but said "Aiyo" when she does and then "good girl". Haha. Contradicts, I KNOW but WHATEVER! XD

And yes, I make cute voices to my dog as if she's a baby. XD
(Hey, she's MY BABY okay?!)

Anyway, seeing how she plays with it, I think I should really buy a new cheaper plushie before she destroys this!
(Own fault for making her play with it in the 1st place! XD)

Her birthday is coming anyway. =)

Last year, I bought a doggy tag written "Lolly" for her as a birthday present.
BUT she kept taking it out and...

...This is how it looks like right now.
*Full of scratches!*

ps : Next life, if I have to be born as an animal and given a choice to choose, I would wanna be a NOT just a DOG BUT a BEAUTIFUL dog. XD

pss : The walls in my room are no longer purple! They are now light pink, darker pink and white. Painted a few days ago, with the help of Ken Yang and mom. =)

Quote of the day 2

"Life should not be measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that took your breath away."
- Kevin Chan, 2009.

Have a nice day!


Friday, 25 December 2009

Lesson to Learn

I went to my aunty's house last week.
It was soooo BEAUTIFUL.

She even has an indoor garden in the house which is really pretty.

But the funny thing is, she placed rabbits on the fountain. HAHA.
Can you spot them?

Even the telephone fascinates me. XD
So vintage! XD

The theme of the house is so Lovely Lace-y. Haha.

My cousin with her a-few-months-old baby also went.
*Purposely chose a photo that doesn't reveal their faces too much. Haha.*

Anyway, that day, she mentioned something which I've found to be really true.

She said that she and her mother-in-law do not get along well.
Thus, she would rather move out with her husband to another house rather than staying with her mother-in-law.
She said something like she'd rather be cruel now than having a huge argument with her mother-in-law in the future.

That is because, if they do argue, there will be a HOLE in the relationship.
And it would be DIFFICULT to patch back THAT hole.

I think what she said was spot on.
It actually applies to any relationships including friendships.

When you have an argument with your friend, even over the pettiest things,
you would realize that there will be a HOLE in the relationship.
No matter how hard you try, that hole cannot be covered fully.


Sometimes, just a "sorry" does not change a SHIT especially when you're not sincere.
(You know it whether someone is sincere or not when they apologized.)

*I edited the words actually. XD*

Not only so, sometimes,
"It's too late to apologize, its too late
I said it's too late to apologize, its too late..."
- Apologize by One Republic ft Timberland.

Merry Christmas!





Here's an e-card for you!
(I received it from Dorothy. Thanks babe! XD)

1 more gift!
A Christmas song for you!
You would LOVE this video if you like dogs (LIKE ME)!
Watch it!

Enjoy! =)

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cats can scold and talk!

I just watched this video at Kennysia.

It is hilarious to the MAX!
I can't help but to post it!


Anyway, when I was watching this video, my dog was in my room.
When she heard all the meows, she barked at me!
Probably scolding me for watching a cat's video. Haha.
Then she got mad and let out her anger on her plushie.

Then I saw this video in Youtube on talking cats which is really cute too.
1234568910kagome commented on that video said that,
"their meows go perfect with wat their saying!"
I just have to agree with that!

Enjoy! XD

ps, I know I talked about cats the other day too. BUT just to make things clear, I'm still a dog person. =)
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