Wednesday, 28 October 2009


"Hey, come closer, I've got a secret to tell you...
But promise me you won't tell anyone okay?"


Here's the thing.
Do you believe that whoever you told your secrets to actually KEPT the secrets to themselves?

I'm not implying that EVERYONE can't keep secrets but I think many people can't.

(notice that the zip is not fully zipped)

Okay, sometimes it was because you did not remind the fellow NOT to tell it out.
That is your own negligence.
You can't blame anyone.
The Chinese would say "Tai lei sei".

But how about when you specifically told them not to tell it out?
Some people still will tell it out anyway.


For starters, people love to gossip.
We can't help but to tell people what happened etc.
Especially if it involves the people around us.

If it is petty things like you did not shave that day, that's no big deal.
If it gets out, people will just take it as a joke of the day.


But what if it involves other people, especially people around you?
Some people did not know the consequences of telling out people's secrets.
It may ruin friendships and relationships.

So how to make sure our secrets are kept?

If you must tell it somebody about someone, make sure that that particular person is really trustworthy.
Now, how do you measure someone's trustworthiness?
I'm not sure but if that person told you someone else's important-must-kept secrets to you before,
I think he/she is a no-no.

Another way is by telling someone who do not have any relationship or connection with the person you are talking about.

Anyhow, I think the best way is to zip it.
Sometimes, some things are really better kept to ourselves.

My point is, when you tell somebody you've got a secret,

I learnt it the hard way not to trust people so easily.
To be honest, it actually took a little for people to gain my trust.
But at the same time, it also takes just a little for me to stop trusting people.

But this whole thing is just MY point of view.
Let me know what YOU think.

Vote! =)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Apparently, Hotmail wants to close down,


Why do people always waste time sending all these stupid emails saying that Hotmail wants to close down?

If you really want to close down, just FUCKING close down already, OKAY?
There's always Yahoo!, gmail and many more.
We won't die without you.
Life goes on, with or without you. It doesn't matter!

The worst part is, people actually BELIEVED this email and forwards them.
I mean, are they stupid or what?
It is pretty clear that Hotmail is generating $$$ as many people are using it and many people place advertisements on it.
Ads = $$$.
Get it?

So please stop sending me this RUBBISH.



Monday, 26 October 2009

Double *tut*

I had a test that started at 10am today.

Before that, Kevin called me.

Kevin : Where's the class?
Elaine : (just woke up) Err.. I'll check and text you later.
Kevin : Where are you ar?
Elaine : Home la.

*ends call*

Checks time. 10am.


Ended up reaching university at about 10.30am.

Then, can't find the class. It was supposed to be SW3-1 but I went NW3-1.
Reached the exam hall only at 10.40am.

Double *tut*.

I don't know how I did. I hope at least I've passed. =(

Sunday, 25 October 2009


At 1st glance I thought "Click" was "Dick"!




Tomorrow's Economics test worth 20% marks.

And I've barely studied.


ps, reminder to my fellow friends who are taking the same test, the test starts at 10am, not 10.30am. Good luck!

Movie : Law Abiding Citizen

Me and Ken Yang watched Law Abiding Citizen in the Gardens on Friday.

The movie was frawesome (Fucking + Awesome)!

It's a pretty intelligent movie acted by Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

*yes girls, you get to see this*

It was about this guy named Clyde (Gerard Butler) whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered in front of his own eyes by some 2 guys.

However, the main killer did not get the punishment he should receive because Nick (Jamie Foxx), the prosecutor, made a deal with killer. Nick offered the killer a lighter sentence in exchange for testifying against his accomplice.

Clyde, who was a very smart guy, studied the judgement system and also planned how to fix the flawed and corrupted system. He then kills the people who were involved in the judgement and at the same time, defends himself from being accused for the killings. The way he killed them was pretty unique.

Although in the end when we know how he did it was a bit "potong" steam, overall, it was still a very nice movie.

I'm not gonna tell you everything in case you want to watch it. =)

The only downside was :
NO super hottie hot hotties. =(

*this is the best already*

go watch already it if you haven't! =)

Saturday, 24 October 2009


"U kiasu, I kiasi"
See this line often?

Kiasu and kiasi are Hokkien words.
It means you are afraid to lose while I am afraid to die.

It's a pretty popular line on the car tags nowadays, if you noticed.
If you don't, probably you haven't been seeing the outside world for some time or
you are a really ethical driver who fully sets your eye on the road only when you drive
(and text at the same time. Hehe).

Anyway, the main topic I would like to talk today is kiasu.

Urban dictionary defined kiasu as :
1. Afraid of "losing out" to other people.

2. scared to lose

3. being greedy.. very very greedy...

This word is often associated with Singaporeans.
I'm not sure the reason why though. Haha.

But I think the kiasu syndrome is in every one of us.
The only difference is the degree of kiasu-ness in us.

Have you ever experienced this :
Your friend wouldn't teach you how to solve certain questions and asked you to find out yourself instead? And this happens all the time?
When in fact, he/she was afraid that you will be smarter than them.
Your friend is kiasu.
(or he/she doesn't like you etc)

You went for a buffet dinner and just grab everything on the buffet table until there isn't even a single empty space on your plate even though you probably can't finish them up or ate fast and went don't know how many rounds because you were afraid that the food will finish up?
You're kiasu.

All your friends just got themselves a new laptop and you just have to ask your mom to get you one too although it was unnecessary as you have already bought your desktop last month because you don't want to be the only person in the group without a laptop?
You're kiasu.

You and your friend are selling similar products but your friend generated more $$$ than you and so you went to check out his/her secret and copied it?
You're kiasu.

Not only humans, this applies to animal too.

Remember the story of the dog who got itself a bone and then while it was crossing a bridge, the dog saw its own reflection but thought it was another dog with a bigger bone (because the reflection on the water somehow made the bone looked bigger)?
Then the kiasu dog wanted to bark at the other dog to scare it away so that it will drop its bone for him.
However, he dropped his own bone in the river in the process and got nothing in the end.

Moral of the story :
Don't be so kiasu lah. =)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Online Boutiques

I'm officially swearing off from shopping at online boutiques.

So far I've bought a bag and a dress.

The dress just arrived and it wasn't satisfactory at all.

I actually specifically asked the owner whether it fits UK6/XS perfectly or not and she said yes because the material was stretchable blah blah blah....
And I trusted her.
In reality, it's bloody loose. It was obviously a UK10 dress.

The owner is a LIAR!!!!!
*edit : she just agreed to give me back full refund, including the postage. YAY!*

Meanwhile, the bag has "wrinkles" at a few spots.
I only used it twice.
I'm thinking of reselling it in Mudah.com or something.

Seriously, I don't know if they photoshopped the pictures or what because it looked so damn good online but its like crap when it arrived at your doorstep.

Anyway, I'm not going to shop at online boutiques anymore.
I'm removing your links from my bookmark.

I'm not stopping you from shopping at online boutiques. Maybe I was just unlucky. =(

Or you should do COD instead.

Good luck! =)

I dream...

Last night I dreamt of me in a shop enquiring the price of Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition.

In reality, I'm waiting for the release of this phone in Malaysia because I'm really interested with it and I'm planning to buy it.

I think it costs about RM2000+ in my dream. Haha.

Then I said something like "Eh, so expensive. Might as well I get an iPhone".

Hehe. Is that a sign??

Thursday, 22 October 2009

To Spank or Not to Spank

Ken Yang is at his college prom now.


Although the reason was because his college doesn't allow outsiders but I'm unhappy anyway! Haha.

So, to spank or not to spank?!

Vote now!

Just for fun. XP

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Does it annoy you sometimes when you filled up a form and it requires you to fill in your "First Name" and "Last Name"?
And occasionally your "Middle Name" too?

This applies only for the Westerners because their name comprises of those three elements.
For example, Sarah Jessica Parker.
(Disclaimer : I used her name but it doesn't mean I'm her big fan. Just that she is one of the very few celebrities who uses their full name.)

Sarah is her first name, Jessica is her middle name, and Parker is her last name or family name.

While this applies for Westerners,
this "First Name", "Middle Name", and "Last Name" thing doesn't really apply to the majority of Malaysians.

For the Chinese, their last name is not their family name.
For example, Chow Lei Sei.
Sei is not his family name. His family name is Chow.

Meanwhile, for the Malays and Indians,
their father's name at the back of their names.
eg, Ali bin Abu. Abu is Ali's father.
Maybe that is close enough to be considered as a last name??
I don't know.

The thing is, why can't they make things simpler by just putting a column for "Name"?

So how do we fill up the forms?

I don't think it literally meant First, Middle and Last Name although one of my friends said that.
For example, Chow is first name, Lei is middle name, and Sei is last name.

All these while, what I did was putting my surname as my last name.
I don't know if that is right.
If you know better, please clarify.

Thanks. =)
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