Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Megan Fox in an Ad

The foxy lady :

Megan Fox was covered in nothing but bubbles in this ad.

Super sexy and funny. Haha.

There's a buzz now regarding her thumb in this ad.

Everyone is like saying its too big and there's actually a name for big thumb.
It's called brachydactyly.

I think, people are just trying so hard to find a flaw of hers and all they can find is a stupid thumb.

Okay, okay, so she does have a big thumb but look what we've got?
A big thigh! =(

You can read more of that shit here :

enjoy the video!


ps, I wonder what was Timmy or Jimmy doing in his room. HAHAHA!


  1. Timmy is busy playing with his joystick... XD

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! u mean disco stick. XP

  3. Joystick is batang bergembira! lol kennee sedang bergembira dengan batang bergembira LOL!

  4. crazy : i mean the song by Lady Gaga, u know? haha.
    Jas : i know. its short n funny n sexy. all at the same time. haha.

  5. Hahaha. Ok that was for all the comments above. Very funny! But regarding Megan, her thumb is perfectly fine!

  6. megan fox is hot.. but her acting s*x!
    i can comment! haha

  7. AmoiTAKcute : yes, its just abit long n big but SO WHAT?! haha.
    Tony Wan : i know! haha.
    Henry : yea abit sux but she can act sweet, flirty n all la. haha.


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