Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fish Leong's wedding video

Fish Leong, one of the Taiwan based Malaysian singer just got married with Tony Chao.

I'm not her fan because I don't listen to Chinese songs actually
(and also because I never understood why she called herself "Fish".)

Anyway, I came across with their wedding video and OMG.

It was superb and oh-so-touching!
(I actually cried!!! Haha.)

This is better than the movies, seriously.

You MUST watch it!



ps, The title of the song in the video is "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson.


  1. What's the song they used in the middle of the video?

    very romantic ceremony at the beach... :D

  2. im sory samuel but i have no idea. haha.

    i have 2 agree with the ceremony at the beach thing tho. so beautiful!

  3. simply beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful blog you have here :)

  4. ClarityDefinesYou : ur welcome! n thank you! =)

  5. OH MY GOD! It is really really romantic and emotional! :( I cried too haha now I feel like getting married hahah :P

    oh Elaine,is it okay if I relink it to my blog? :)

  6. hahahaha. should i pass tat message 2 jeff? XD

    yea sure! =)


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