Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Hurt Locker

I've never heard of this movie until yesterday when it won
Oscar for Best Picture,
over Avatar.

I mean, I think Avatar was like WOW so I was expecting it to win but oh well... =(
Anyway, I decided to watch this movie yesterday with Ken Yang
(since he downloaded it already)
to see what is it all about.

Ok, firstly, the casts.

This movie is about war so mainly there's only guys.
I think female casts only showed up like 10 minutes (or less) in the screen.
FYI, this is a 2-hour movie.

I must say, as a girl, I'm not a big fan of war movie.

However, the opening was quite interesting.
It started off with this quote :

"The rush for battle is often a potent and lethal addiction,
for war is a drug." - Chris Hedges

Then they have this scene where they used remote-controlled robot to defuse bombs and things like that.

There's also this quite cute guy (I thought he was the main character).

He is Sergeant Matt Thompson in the film.
Guy Pearce in real life.

*Just joking!*

He and his friend (whatever the name is, Not So Cute) had this funny conversation (my personal favorite in the entire movie) when the robot couldn't push some object :

Handsome : Now push it in.
Not So Cute : I can't.
Handsome : What you mean you can't? Pretend it's your dick, man.
Not So Cute : (laughs) How about if I pretend it's your dick?
Handsome : You'll never get in if you did that. Here, let me have a shot.
Not So Cute : Give me a second.
Handsome : No, come on. My dick, man.

God it was hilarious!

So I was thinking,
"Nice opening quote, cute guy, funny conversation... Hey, this movie is really not bad!"

Then, the only guy worth looking at in the entire movie died in the first 10 minutes.


Then his position was replaced by this guy.
I don't remember his name.
Let's just call him Ugly.

Even the Camel was cuter.

In my opinion, this movie was just OKAY.

It's mainly on what a war is really about from a soldier's eye.

It showed what soldiers had to go through in Iraq.
Hidden bombs are everywhere and they get sudden attacks too.
Then these soldiers have to diffuse the bomb (it's mainly on diffusing bomb only actually) and kill the bad guys.

However, instead of like 1 whole big troop of armies, their team only consist of 3 people.
So you don't get those fighting and bombing in a large scale thingy.

The reason why I said this movie was just OKAY was because they gave a few examples of what a soldier have to go through and that's it.
They don't really develop the scenes.
I mean, it is good that they showed us what's going on and all but it was too brief.
They don't even explain like what are all the hand signals the soldiers did.

Let me put it this way,
they make you high but not high enough for you to reach orgasm.
That was how I felt.


To me, there wasn't a proper story line in this entire movie.
I mean, they started off with diffusing bomb in Area 1, then handsome guy died, new guy comes, diffuse bomb in Area 2, diffuse bomb in Area 3, fight bad guys, diffuse more bombs, mental breakdown, go back USA, buy cereals, go back Iraq to diffuse more bombs and THE END.

You would love this movie is you play games like Call of Duty.
The backgrounds were quite similar.
(I played before. Haha.)

Besides, you don't really get all the high-tech equipment.
I think the highest-tech was the remote-controlled robot.

However, there's this 1 scene that was quite inspiring.
The soldier went back USA and was buying cereal at the supermarket.
There was endless number of choices.
To him, however, it doesn't make any difference.

There were far far FAR more important things in life than doing all these petty lil things.

Anyhow, personally, I don't think it deserved the Oscar.
Avatar was better. =)
The Hurt Locker probably gets a 7 while Avatar gets a 9.
(1 being the lowest, 10 is highest)

Maybe the judges were COD fans?
I don't know. XP

ps, "Hurt Locker" is a slang for being injured in an explosion, as in "they sent him to the hurt locker"; "a place of ultimate pain."


  1. I am watching Hurt Locker now :)

  2. Lucky Avatar Never Win all the fake stuff! Than the COD style movie it look more epic and real!

  3. I watched both Avatar and the Hurt Locker and I dont think either deserves the award. Dont get me wrong.

    Avatar's storyline offers nothing new and the only wow thing about it is the brilliant graphic and that is not enough to make a good film.

    the hurt locker deals with the issue of war, its cruelty and how damaging it is to the society and maybe that strong message is what helped it got the award.

    i would say the more deserving one is Precious. it's a very moving and humane tale that should make everyone feel grateful with their lives because others are living in worse conditions. the acting was superb too. have u watched it?

  4. I still don't understand why Avatar lost to this movie.

  5. Idzwan : I haven watch it! But since u said its good, i shall go watch it. =)
    jfook : as i said, mayb da judges are COD fans. XP

  6. "i wonder why malaysia cinema never show hurt locker..."

  7. The Hurt Locker is definitely far better than Avatar! Unfortunately, no, neither deserved the title for the Best Motion Picture =( The award belongs to, without a doubt, no questions asked, no second thoughts, -INVICTUS! Hahahaha best movie ever =)

  8. i shall watch both Precious and Invictus since recommended by blog readers :)

  9. Ken Yang : ok, u download n we watch ok? hehe!

  10. avatar is an avatar of pocahontas, its not original so that is why it should not win.

    The graphics were awesome though, and i m pretty sure they gave an oscar for that.

    Still waitin to watch hurt locker though... =S

  11. Rajes : well mayb but there are many news things added isnt it? it is so creative actually, inventing a whole new planet n language n everythin. n like u said, da graphics too. they shd really hav won an oscar.


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