Friday, 5 March 2010


You've heard about this right?

However, seeing how so little friends of mine have it,
I decided to write a post about it. =)

Basically, Twitter just like Facebook's status update section.

Like it or not, just like Facebook, Twitter is becoming such a trend.
Even the media had to publish the news when some astronaut first tweeted from the space.

So what's making it so HIP?

1st of all, I think its because people just have this urge to constantly tell others what they are doing or feeling.
Unlike Facebook, Twitter is more personal to me and we can just post a few rants within a minute.
If you do that in Facebook, probably someone would comment asking you to STFU or something. Haha.

Besides, Twitter only allows us to write 140 characters or less so people can't go on and on and ONNNNnnnnnnnn as if they're writing an essay there. Haha.

Twitter also allows us to "retweet" (RT).

It's a new feature which we can just click on anyone's tweet and republish that same tweet to our twitter friends.
It's like quoting them without having to write their names because it's already written in the retweet.

I also read that some hospitals (maybe not in Malaysia anytime soon though) that they used Twitter in the surgery rooms so that they can keep the family of the patient constantly updated with the situation inside the room.

I think that is awesome because surgeries can take up to hours.
For family members, instead of waiting stupidly and nervously for the surgery to end, at least they get some peace of mind on exactly what's going on inside.

However, in contrast from Facebook, we can't comment on someone's tweet.
We have to reply with "@" followed by our friend's account name.
We can also include a few friends at a time in a same tweet.
This not only apply during replies but also for any tweet.

It's so convenient that instead of writing a few times at all our friend's wall, we just write it once.
Even Facebook had to copy this feature. Haha.

Twitter is very popular among the celebrities too.
So we can "follow" them (it's like becoming friends in Facebook) and read their tweets.

However, they may not necessarily follow you back.
So, if you keep your tweets private, they can't see your reply if you write something to them.
You can keep your tweets private or public.
Public means everyone (including the ones that does not follow you) can see your tweet.
If you have personal message for somebody, you can always send a direct tweet which works like an "inbox".

Even CNN have Twitter.

So, you can be updated with the latest news but with just brief sentences.
I stopped following them though because they tweet too OFTEN. Haha.
They were flooding my page!

Anyway, my point is,
go get a Twitter if you haven't!

With love,


  1. I like twitter better. Coz its so much just like what you said.

  2. Its like blogging on the go!


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