Saturday, 3 April 2010

Clash of the Titans

I just watched this movie with my boyfriend yesterday.
We purposely waited for this movie until 12.05am because the slots before that are full in the cinema.
It was so not worth it.

This movie sucks!

This movie is mainly about the Greek Gods and the people created by them.

Why it sucked:

1. The graphics.
This guy is Sam Worthington.
He acted in as the main character in Avatar as Jake Sully and also this movie as Perseus.
The difference is, the graphics in Avatar was superb.
The graphics in this movie sucks and it was fake as hell.

To portray a God, they make them have this blurred shiny armor that looks like your TV is not working :
I'd rather have the gold ring on top of the head. Haha.
(Ken Yang said it is called as a "Halo".)

2. People always said that Avatar is not original blah blah blah.
Clash of the Titans is much worst than that!
This movie is a total copycat!!

It contains a lil' bit of Transformer,
*I can't find a better picture than this but this THING over here looks like a robot when it removes its cloth.*

Harry Potter,

Star Wars,

Anastasia (the Disney cartoon),

Percy Jackson and the Olympians : Lightning Thief
*Medusa with the snake hair.*

...and "God" knows what else.

3. There wasn't a single kiss in the movie.
I mean, I know it is PG13 but...
Hello? Don't you know sex sells????
And a lil' kiss wouldn't harm any 13 year old kid.

4. The whole movie's mission was to kill Kraken, some big sea-monster.
However, the final battle was kinda short and it looked so easy to defeat it.

That's Kraken.

5. Same thing when it comes to defeating this guy from Hell :

6. There were more than 1 monster that have pointy tails.
Can't they get a lil' more creative?

7. They said this woman is the prettiest one in the world blah blah blah.

*The one on the right side of the picture*

*Even having the badass guy from James Bond wouldn't help this movie.*

The woman from point number 3 is wayyy better than her.

8. Basically, the whole story doesn't make sense at all (to me).

My rating for this movie is only 3 out of 10.
Ken Yang even slept halfway of the movie. HAHA!

If you really wanna watch it, please don't waste your money on the 3-D.

Have a nice weekend!



  1. Fortunately for me, I chose How to Train Your Dragon over this yesterday. Haha

  2. Oh god~ Really seems so terrible :D I'm looking to watch How to train your dragon too^^

    Forget that all shitty movie and enjoy ur weekend with another one :P

  3. bruce828 : this movie really sucks. haha. dun worry, wont let it ruin my weekend. haha.

  4. haha, is it really tat suck? Pls dun screw me for saying the show is ok :p

  5. wee sheong : sucked 2 da max! sucked balls! hahaha! ahh well, diff ppl diff taste.

  6. Wow. This looks convincing. I don't want to watch it. Anyways, I don't like these kind of shows. o.o

  7. LOL i better dun go and watch XD

  8. Havent watch! =( Going to catch everything on next thursday if I'm free. See how suck it suck. LOL

  9. Well I strongly agree with you about the movie, especially the part where there were less action scense.. Here's my review http://wssoo.blogspot.com/2010/04/clash-of-titans.html

    Weird thing is there are quite a number of people in my list said it was actually nice and don't mind watching it again o.0 what the ... right?

    Should I thank God I'm not alone ins this? :p

  10. I knew it would suck damn badly from the trailer and now you just proved that I was right ;) If the trailer sucks in the trailer, it will most probably suck bad time in the movie itself i guess..

  11. Hi... 1st of all I totally disagree with ur pint stated in ur post. Not to be biase but this show actually amazed ppl like my dad? Do u know how much did they really pay to make Avatar? Just that because the main actor actually acted in avatar doesn't mean that he should be compared with it? If u really want a fair comparison, compared it with the lousy piercy Jackson. The story line was actually good but i know some part the CGI is not satisfying enough but hei, it's the story! If the CGI really does matter, why did HUrt LOcker won many awards compared to Avatar?

    The point is, if u dun like it don't make it worse. Some ppl might think it's a crappy movie but wait until u watch Malay show, u will feel the diff of Heaven & Hell...

  12. i am supposed to watch it tomorrow, now i doubt that. thank god i nanged u.

  13. Wow, I was planning to watch it but your post totally changes my mind. How to train your dragon is really awesome though. =)

  14. pity u..but for me, it still ok to watch..bit bf wat?:-0

  15. thought of watching! but not anymore ......... :)

  16. Hi Anonymous. First of all, I don't think she's making anything worst by blogging about what she feels about the movie. Secondly, I don't see how a Malay movie is related to this review too. I just think that everyone has different opinions on this matter. Oh by the way, it's PERCY Jackson :) and Elaine, good job with the review! I totally agree on everything that you said!

  17. HaoYi, Mann Rui, forsakengel, uvais, swingy, w3ndee : HAHAHA! i'm pretty sure the producers of the movie will hate me for successfully convinced you guys from NOT watching it! XP
    1st Anonymous : what people pay is what they get. If producers paid more in their movie production (avatar), they get better effects, better reviews and obviously more audiences. I totally agree with what 2nd anonymous said, what's Malay movie gotta do with this? But it's okay, I understand that different people have different opinion. I don't like this movie but you and your dad liked this movie. Solution? Just agree to disagree. =)
    2nd anonymous : thank you for the support! haha. =)

  18. slept thru a movie? can't be that bad is it .....

  19. Heard that the movie was all action..no drama. Lol an oxymoron i know

  20. johnny : yes i guess its tat bad. haha.
    chester : but there's no action when it comes to killing the last bad guys. haha.


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