Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Favourite Radio Station

Remember the song "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha in Hitz.fm where "beer" became "berry"?

Well, I've just listened to the clubbing remix of it in Hitz.fm just now (about 1 am) and they didn't censor it!

Maybe because they know Saturday night is a clubbing night and people will be drinking beers already so no point censoring it. XP


Okay, moving on to another topic.

If you listen to Hitz.fm, you would notice that they have celebrities saying things like :

"Hi, I'm Taylor Sweep. I sweep floors all the time as a charity work to make the world a cleaner place. This is Taylor Sweep and together with Hitz.fm, we care about you and your cleanliness blah blah blah."

*I typed "Taylor Swift sweeping floor" in Yahoo! Image and they gave me this pic of her in this gorgeous long gown. Haha.*

Anyway, Adam Lambert said something like :

"Hi, this is Adam Lambert. After American Idol, my life has changed
360 degrees...."

Okay, I bet he failed his math class.

360 degrees.
That's back at 0 degree.
Means there wasn't any changes!!!!!


I think what he wanted to say was 180 degrees instead.

Disclaimer : I have nothing against Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert or Hitz.fm.
In fact, I'm quite a loyal listener of Hitz.fm. XP


  1. im sorry but to say "something changed my life to 360 degrees" is all right...cause it means it changed in one cycle...imply means change completely...from 0 to 360, one cycle motion...
    so it is ok ...nothing to do with maths...=)

  2. noooo.... usually u see ppl said 180. cuz its at the opposite! haha.

    even if you said its like 1 complete cycle, its saying tat even after everything he went tru, he was still at the same position.

    here are some people who agree with me =) :

  3. hey there thanks for the link
    so we know what adam wana say and we get it right...
    so it really doesn't matter but...he heheee u should say her english is bad and not his math...lol


  4. oh god. there goes the radio stations poking fun.. it's clean fun though. haha


  5. i love the morning crew ! hahaz..

  6. me too! XP love gotcha calls!


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