Tuesday, 4 May 2010


When I first heard about Tumblr, I thought it is a bottle tumblEr.



Tumblr is actually a blogging platform, just like Blogspot, Wordpress etc.

However, I actually preferred using Tumblr more than Blogspot.
(Opps, I really shouldn't write this since I'm using Blogspot here? Haha.)

The reasons :

1. Tumblr is more user-friendly.

As you can see in the picture,
I can choose how I want to blog.

Different format gives you different layouts.
However, that also depends on how you customised your blog. =)

2. License to copy.

While all of us bloggers hate copycats,
In Tumblr, you are FREE to copy anyone's post by "REBLOG".
With this function, you can copy and acknowledge the original blogger.
People actually love it when you reblogged them because it is like free publicity.

For people who loves pictures like me, Tumblr is perfect.
My Tumblr is full of the pictures I reblogged from others.

By clicking on the circled button in blue, I can view the history of this picture until back to who originally posted it.

3. Convenient.

Similar to Blogspot, you can "Follow" people and receives their updates at the dashboard.
The best part is, at the dashboard itself, you can "Like", "Reblog" or "Reply" ("Reply" only works for "Text" posts I think) there and then.

4. Plenty of pages.

In Tumblr, I can follow the pages full of pictures of the celebrities I love such as Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Britney Spears, Gossip Girls, Victoria's Secret Angels, blah blah blah... you name it.

There are also pages devoted to fashion (with all the nice clothings), architecture, animals etc.

All I have to do it search for Tumblr + ___ (Whatever you want) in Google.

5. Connected.

I am actually more connected around the world with Tumblr, not Facebook, not Blogspot.
This is because, Tumblr actually records the activities of a post such as who "Liked" it, who "Reblogged" it and so forth.
Then I can click on their pages and "Follow" them. =)

6. Themes

There are plenty of themes to be chose from.
When I just started Tumblr, I can spent hours on choosing the themes because I was spoilt with choices!!!

Each theme have different customization - Some allowed more, some allowed less.
But mainly it was on colours.

Tumblr has its disadvantages too :

1. I'm not sure if ads could be placed in Tumblr. =(

2. You can't really comment on other people's posts except their "Text".
Furthermore, the person who posted the "Text" can't reply you.
(It doesn't really work like Facebook)

3. Not all themes look good with a Chatbox in it.

Anyhow, I still love Tumblr. =)

Check mine out :

Have a nice day!



  1. Yeah! Nice post!

    For ads: Try searching for HTML codings. I don't know whether you can use Nuffie coding into your Tumblr blog. There shall be no problem adding it into the blog. :D

  2. thanks! =)

    n for the tips : okok. il try. =) thank you!

  3. nice...u are temping me over to the other side :s

  4. Sounds complicated, but I don't quite like reposting posts. LOL

  5. ulricng : o u can have best of both worlds. XP
    mich : it is not complicated! haha. y not?! =(


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