Saturday, 1 May 2010

Funny Scenes in Ugly Betty

As you know, I'm pretty addicted to "Ugly Betty" now. HAHA!

Anyway, here's some of the funny things that I like about this show :

1. The guy singing in this video is called Jesse.
He was in a date with Betty (Betty actually likes him a lot) but he just kept talking about himself, so here's the song "Me".

The lyrics :
Yeah, it's me me me me, me me me me,
me me me, me me,
Not you, just me,
Yes me, not you,
What rhymes with me?
I know!
It's ME!
Yours truly, me, myself and I.

2. "Gene Simmons is my daddy" by Amanda again.

There was special guest star appearance by Gene Simmons also.

I know her singing is really bad but that's why it's so funny.

3. The cheerleading song that I've mentioned last week.

Marc and Amanda at time 1:15 until 1:30.
The lines for the cheer :

I think they are both my favorite characters in the movie although they are not the main characters.

In the same video, Naomi Campbell also appeared.

It was especially funny when she took out her phone and everyone was so scared.
You did heard about the news on her throwing her cell phone on her assistant or something right?
If you didn't, here it is :

That scene starts at 4:49 until 5:28.




  1. Ugly Betty is my favourite show as well and I love Marc and Amanda to bits!

    I just finished watching season 4 and sadly that is the end of Ugly Betty. So enjoy it while you still can!

  2. I know! So sad so lil seasons!!! I'm at season 3 now. =(


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