Thursday, 12 August 2010

Anti Robert Pattinson Part 3

I just read this amazing article on why Twilight is so famous :

It is so true!

I read the book and to me, Edward Cullen was supposed to be the most handsome/perfect/best/whatever your fantasies are kind of guy.

That is why I REFUSE to watch the movie because Robert Burger Patty is so damn FUGLY!!!!

And like what this article pointed out, due to the fact that Bella's character is so empty, it could be anyone.
It could even be YOU, up to your imagination.

The article is terrific, you've gotta read it.
(if you hate Twilight like me. XP)

If you don't like reading, they've got a video too but the voice in the video is really monotone, dull and boring.

Oh, just so you know, I've received hate messages and comments last time for posting these articles up. Haha.
It was hilarious to see the extend of their imagination and obsession including putting Cullen as their last name in Facebook and things like this :

Have a nice day!

For part 1 : link

ps, All pictures are taken from Tumblr

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