Saturday, 14 November 2009

Anti Robert Pattinson Part 1

The hype is back on.

- This post is specially written for Susan, Robert Pattinson's #1 fan. -

*High five, Fadwa!*

I'm pretty sure everyone heard that the New Moon is coming out soon.
God knows when, I don't exactly care. Haha.

That's because I'm NOT a fan of Robert Pattinson.

To be honest, he was the only reason why I did NOT watch Twilight.

I read the book actually and it was so good.
Edward Cullen in the book was supposed to be the HOTTEST guy in the world.
And that's what Robert Pattinsson is NOT.

I don't even understand why Kristin Steward wants him.

*That's more like it.*

Come on, look at him.

*Say hi to Mr. No-Hot.*


*Failed attempt to put up a sexy pose.*

*Taking the vampire role too far.*

*Did I mention that he is ugly already?*

Susan, you called this HOT?

He don't even bath or washes his hair and even his clothes!!!!! Ewww!!!!

Crew members on the set of "New Moon" were quoted saying "He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers and it drives people on the set crazy."
(Maybe that's how he drives fans like Susan crazy, with his powerful smell. Haha.)

Besides that, in his recent GQ article, the odor of his clothes was described as smelling "like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he."

This is not just some rumours, Robert Pattinson himself admitted on "Extra" that he once went
without washing his hair.


What, he thinks he is a vampire thus he doesn't need to stay clean??
Hygiene score : 0!!!!

*He also know how to say "Eww!"(Haha.)*

You know what, I rather to have a leech to suck my blood than THIS stupid vampire guy!

*Look at my curves, am I sexy or WOOT?!*


For part 2 :


  1. yes!!!! awsome post!!!! where's MY post dedication??? hahahah

  2. I'm not sure what you have against Robert Pattinson. He's actually not bad, kinda possesses the je ne sais qoui quality, meaning "I don't know what".

    You just have to get over it bitch lol

  3. dorothy : when you do something stupid ill write for u. =)

    nicky : fuck u. XP ur taste sux! XP

  4. for your information, team edward is not the same as team robert...

    just in case you cant separate the two from each other, edward is the CHARACTER, robert is the ACTOR...
    the two are DIFFERENT.
    only obsessed fans cant separate those two. and apparently the same for you and all the other haters out there...

    BTW, did he do something to you to piss you off ?

  5. blah blah blah. do u NOT have some sense of humour?

  6. tsk tsk tsk letting it get under your skin

  7. especially his hair! eeww!! *vomit* haha

  8. another anti RP fan. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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