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Day 2 : Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Week 2014 (Backstage)

Hi all! 
I hope you have enjoyed reading Day 1 of my backstage experience!
Here's the link if you haven't read it yet : Day 1

Day 2 – Fittings (19 Oct 2014)

With only 5 and a half hour of sleep, here comes Day 2 at Menara Matrade. 

Today, you will get to see more pictures because I a bit more kam cheng with the backstage manager already and I've asked his permission if I can take some pictures and post online. He said OK, as long as no nude photos of the models.
(Sorry, guys. LOL)
 Also, I only dared to ask when it was quite late already so yea... Don't get your hopes up. LOL

^ This is Menara Matrade. I'm pretty sure you've seen this building before but never knew its name! It's nearby Publika.

We have to be there at 8:30AM. NOBODY from my class turned up but some seniors from INTI were around today though. 

The doors to the hall were still locked because the person-in-charge for the building was still sleeping (Probably because it was a Sunday but seriously??). Maryam was pissed because most models and some designers have arrived and it was very unprofessional to keep them waiting and some even sat down on the floor. Eventually, some security personnel eventually came up and unlocked the door at around 9:30AM (Finallyyyyyy).

My duty for the day was to ensure the designers have their models fitted, confirm the sequence of the garments for each show, note down any special requests such as what shoes to be brought by models for the fashion show the following days (Yes, most models are required to bring their own shoes for fashion shows, mostly basic styles such as black or nude pumps, because most designers only designed clothes), and other ad-hoc requests.  I was so glad to be given this role (I'm the only one BTW. *super happy*) because I got to see and even touch the garments first-hand, talk to the designers, and witnessed how they arranged the sequence for the show.

^ Shoes by Albert Andrada

It was a more relaxed day as each designer was allocated about 30 minutes for fitting. Some models didn’t turn up because they were booked for other events. Another thing I’ve learnt was that the comp cards for models (basically a paper containing the models' measurements) were not always accurate because they were not updated regularly. Therefore, some designers have trouble fitting models into their pants.  

^ Fitting session

Highlight of the day was when a model named Lais (she's my favourite) decided to strut topless with a long pleated skirt by Pleatation (Singapore) and joked about how she will finally get to be married with a rich Dato’ if she did it like that on the runway. 
(ps, you will get to see her picture on Day 3!)

My favourite designer throughout the fitting was Albert Andrada from Philippines (All the photos here are from his collection). He used pastel colours, drapes, sheer and flowy fabrics, which created an ethereal collection. 

^ Cassandra posing in Albert Andrada's design

^ Kateryna and Ekaterina in Albert Andrada's design
(Urgh, aren't they pretty?? I love love love both the models and their outfits!)

^ Tanya in Albert Andrada's design for the Gala Night

Most designers just took picture of the models wearing the garments and then forgot the models’ names. I had to ask for Maroush, the person-in-charge for the models for help to identify the models' names for the runway sequence. However, Albert Andrada’s team was the smartest one because they wrote the models’ names on a piece of paper and then asked the models to hold it while they took picture of them with the garment.

^ Yup, just like a mugshot. LOL 
This was Robert Downey Jr., arrested for dug possession many years ago, for real. 

We ended earlier than expected at about 6:30PM. YAY!

(Day 3 to be continued)

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