Sunday, 31 January 2010


I think many people have watched this video already.

However, what many people didn't notice is that the
baseball stick does not belong to the guy in red shirt.

If you looked properly at 0:00-0:01 and watch it in full screen,
you will see that actually the
fatty in pink shirt was holding the stick first.

This fight took place at Kelana Jaya near the Kelana Jaya LRT station and a Catholic church.
I know because I recognized the building, road, billboards and all since I used that way to go home from uni. Haha.

It is totally barbaric.

Watch it if you haven't already.


ps, I heard that this video was the talk on the front page of Chinese newspaper today.
How embarrassing, really.


  1. The uncle can still go on after getting hit on the head.

    Kinda stupid since he made the guy fight by showing the bat.

  2. yea! damn gross but he's stupid because he initiated it by bringing out that baseball stick 1st.

  3. some people just take action without thinking and end up at the losing end...sheesh

  4. fuyyo! that pinky guy is crazy or on drugs or what??? gila...

  5. road bullies to the next level!

  6. Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

  7. anon : i dun understand wat ur sayin. haha.

  8. Aiyaa i hate waching real fight..but WWE ok la..it's a fake fight hehe..but this is real..and i really hate it..adoii

  9. F I T : yea i know! its so barbaric. haha. n adults la for god's sake!

  10. I guess the guy in pink must be shocked that his fighting plan actually backfired. The guy in red is very agile so much so that he used the bat against its owner. This whole scene is ridiculously hilarious to a certain point. This also goes to prove that there are still uncivilised Malaysians living among us. This is utterly disgusting for everyone to watch. This YouTube version is much shorter than the Facebook version by a few minutes. Try looking up the Facebook version. Another great post again by you. Congrats!

  11. S : thx. =) the whole thing is stupid. haha. i din see the facebook version. wat extra stuf they have?

  12. In the Facebook version, you can see that the guy in red actually flung the bat angrily across the other side of the highway. I think the guy in pink must have been a road bully all along. The bat must have come in handy for a brainless git like him. Anyway, it's good that he can't have his bat back unless he retrieves it after the incident. But I do hope that he won't be able to find the bat for everyone's sake. You better be wary of such psycho people on the road, who is willing to do anything for revenge. Just be alert all the time when you're driving. Better safe than sorry!
    Here's the link for the Facebook version: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=437693500522&ref=mf
    Do make sure that you are logged in first.

  13. oh i watched tat in facebook. haha. i din know the version i put up dun hav tat. HAHA!


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