Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Toilet Part 2

Remember my toilet post some time ago?

Now that I'm working in an office building, I realised that a clean toilet can really be achieved via education.

You know why?

The toilets here are so clean cuz all the people working here are educated so no 1 is stupid enough to step on the seated toilets or poop on the floor.

It's even cleaner than the ones in university.

In school, we have Pendidikan Moral telling us about... (okay, I don't remember) but they should have started with basic things such as

- Ke$ha -

I'm so particular about toilet because I go toilet all time, winning me the title "Toilet Inspector". LOL

Oh btw, I wrote this sometime ago in my Facebook status :
"Everybody shits, the difference is whether u flush it or not!"

(Okay, I was gonna put a picture of toilet full of shit here but when I was searching for the pic, it was so disgusting so I'll save you guys all that details. You know how shits look like.)

Yeah, I'm disgusting to post statuses like that.
Or write posts like this. XP

Til' the next post,

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