Monday, 21 December 2009


There are 3 types of toilet in Malaysia (as far as I've seen).

1. Sit

2. Squat

3. Stand

Ok, I'm not here to talk about types of toilet. Haha.

Being a female myself, I can only talk about the female's toilet.
My focus in this post is female's toilet in the public.

To all the females out there, have you ever seen this?
(I don't know about the guys' toilet though. Haha.)

Yes, dirty footprints on the toilet seats.

I find it frustrating when I see dirty toilet seats.

Even when there are signs that says :
"Do not squat on toilet seats"
"Leave the toilet the way you want to find it"
even have pictures showing how to use the toilet...

...I will still find footprints on the toilet seats.

I mean, are these people stupid, blind or simply uneducated?

Yes, I understand that they stand on the toilet seats because they think its dirty.
But its dirty because stupid people like them stood on it!!!

If everyone uses the toilet correctly by sitting on it, the toilet seat will not be dirty.

Besides, there's always pipes or tissues available to wipe the toilet seat if you think its dirty.

A few days back, I went to Sunway Pyramid's toilet.
A woman and her young child was in the the cubicle beside me.
The women was scolding her child loudly because he/she (not sure the child's sex) sat on the toilet.
Then, I can see that the child's leg "disappeared" from the floor.
(No I didn't peep! There was a gap under the divider!)

I can't believe that until now, some parents still taught their children to step on the toilet seats.
All these while, I thought it was the older people who think traditionally practice that.

I think, instead of studying the parts of toilet pump in Kemahiran Hidup
(if I'm not wrong its this subject),
school teachers should teach the students how to use the toilet instead!

Maybe instead of putting signs that ask people not to step on the toilet seats, government should seriously consider putting this sign at the entrance of all public toilets instead :

Maybe that would change their habit!


  1. seem like u extremely frustrated with these.. lol

  2. abit. haha. cuz its DISGUSTING!!!!

  3. no, i should say is damn good and convenient as a man, just stand and pee... XD

  4. i know. and u can pee like EVERYWHERE. haha.


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