Sunday, 27 December 2009

Fairy Tales

Christmas is over.

Santa Claus has already packed his bag and went back to North Pole.

Oh wait a sec...

Santa Claus???

Like most fairy tales, Santa Claus DON'T exist.

I think many of us realizes that as we grew up.

As much as I love watching fairy tales cartoons and movies,
as much as I collect them as Barbie dolls when I was younger,
as much as I wish sometimes they are true,
I know they are NOT.

I mean, for example, Cinderella and her glass slipper.

In real life, she would have sore feet from wearing that hard thing.

And Rapunzel will probably have split ends problems.

I'm not saying that our parents lied.

These stories are here for some reasons.

In my opinion, fairy tales helped children to go to sleep.

Fantasies (No, I don't mean THAT one. *wink* Haha.) is also one of the ways that allow creativity to bloom.

Not only so, it brings people hope that sometimes miracles can happen in life,
such as you finding your prince or princess and live happily ever after.

Nevertheless, it is important that we don't mistake fantasies for reality.

*Juny Kono, left, and Tomoharu Fujimaki, window cleaners dressed as Santa Claus and reindeer cleaning windows at a mall in Tokyo, Japan, on 23rd December 2009.*

Have a great day!



  1. Haha~ Well fairy tales is very beautiful still, I see you and ur bf is another fairy tale in real life^^

    Happily ever after :)

  2. I have the opposite version of your post =D
    my post us about reasons why santa exists

    check it out http://bit.ly/7jwfph

  3. Hahhas~ I still believe SANTA CLAUS exist... c'mon... Next year please post about WHY SANTA EXIST!!!! DOn't tarnish my dream... =(
    Nice post =)

    - Jason

    Feel free to tag me back =)

  4. hahaha. ok. MAYBE. XD

    btw, thanks! XD

  5. Santa Claus is existed! You lied! You even have that picture of Santa Claus wiping window! I can see that! You are lying without blinking your eyes. wtf.


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