Sunday, 27 December 2009

All Girls Korean Groups

You know this Korean group "Wonder Girls"?
(Reminds me of Wonder bra. Haha. *wink*)

Quite cute. Haha. But not quite as hot as "Girls Generation".

You need to watch the video below to understand what I'm talking about. =)


Anyway, back to the "Wonder Girls", their song "Nobody" became quite a hit on radio stations lately.
(I heard it again on the radio just now!)
I even heard someone in the mall used it as his ringtone.

However, before I heard the proper version, I've already heard its parody version months ago.

I think, it is pretty usual for us to remember the 1st impression instead right?

So, when I hear the proper version, I think of the paraody version instead, which is EFFING HILARIOUS.

This is the parody version "Wash Your Hands Too" :

Enjoy! =)

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