Saturday, 26 December 2009

My New Baby

I've been using THIS for the (almost) past 1 year.

This is my old phone actually.
It is Sony Ericsson Z520.
(I don't even remember the model name. I had to search online. Haha.)

I lost my SE s500i beginning this year and didn't get a new phone after that.

But now...

I've got a new baby.

Lemme present to you,
my all new (okay, it has been almost a week now) Nokia 6760 Slide!

Isn't she pretty?

She looks beautiful when the lights are off too.

Love it so far.
But I still need some time to get used to the qwerty pad texting. Haha.


Ken Yang bought a new phone too.


  1. put up my n86 also! hahahah

  2. hahahaha. okok. when i take da photo of ur phone ok? XD


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