Sunday, 20 December 2009

Face Off

If you have been following closely to my blog, you would know that I've been choosing between Nokia 5530, Nokia 6760 and iPhone.

However, I've decided to "kick" iPhone out of my list because I want to get a new camera too. XD

So, the battle is now between Nokia 5530 and Nokia 6760.

Here are their specifications :

The main disadvantage of Nokia 6760 is it is lack of Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, Nokia 5530 do not have GPS.

After much consideration and opinions from friends and boyfriend, I've made up my mind.

My decision is...
*drum roll*






Nokia 6760.

I really love the design (despite some people said it looked kinda weird)
the qwerty pad is really easy to use.

Besides that, I'm a road blind person.
(really blind)
Having GPS on my phone will be a large advantage to me. XD

I'm getting it tomorrow!

Let's hope its good.



  1. make sure to consider whether a free third party gps software is available for u or not. if not nokia might charge u for their own gps service
    FYI my sister bought 5530 Original AP at lowyat for rm760

  2. yea i know. haha. thx anyway! =)
    so is da phone good?

  3. ya its touch sensitive =) and non laggy. i have a friend that said 5530 is the sucessor of 5800 although no gps and 3g. the operating system it self is improved and all the improvements are implemented in 5530. but the choice is up to urs =)

  4. yea i know its the successor of 5800 and improved. anyway, buy de luuuuuuuu! haha.

  5. whats an ORIGINAL AP??????
    Original and then an AP set as well?

  6. hahahaha! yea i din realize tat. shang yi : wats ur "original AP" means in "YI my sister bought 5530 Original AP at lowyat for rm760"?


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