Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cats can scold and talk!

I just watched this video at Kennysia.

It is hilarious to the MAX!
I can't help but to post it!


Anyway, when I was watching this video, my dog was in my room.
When she heard all the meows, she barked at me!
Probably scolding me for watching a cat's video. Haha.
Then she got mad and let out her anger on her plushie.

Then I saw this video in Youtube on talking cats which is really cute too.
1234568910kagome commented on that video said that,
"their meows go perfect with wat their saying!"
I just have to agree with that!

Enjoy! XD

ps, I know I talked about cats the other day too. BUT just to make things clear, I'm still a dog person. =)

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