Friday, 25 December 2009

Lesson to Learn

I went to my aunty's house last week.
It was soooo BEAUTIFUL.

She even has an indoor garden in the house which is really pretty.

But the funny thing is, she placed rabbits on the fountain. HAHA.
Can you spot them?

Even the telephone fascinates me. XD
So vintage! XD

The theme of the house is so Lovely Lace-y. Haha.

My cousin with her a-few-months-old baby also went.
*Purposely chose a photo that doesn't reveal their faces too much. Haha.*

Anyway, that day, she mentioned something which I've found to be really true.

She said that she and her mother-in-law do not get along well.
Thus, she would rather move out with her husband to another house rather than staying with her mother-in-law.
She said something like she'd rather be cruel now than having a huge argument with her mother-in-law in the future.

That is because, if they do argue, there will be a HOLE in the relationship.
And it would be DIFFICULT to patch back THAT hole.

I think what she said was spot on.
It actually applies to any relationships including friendships.

When you have an argument with your friend, even over the pettiest things,
you would realize that there will be a HOLE in the relationship.
No matter how hard you try, that hole cannot be covered fully.


Sometimes, just a "sorry" does not change a SHIT especially when you're not sincere.
(You know it whether someone is sincere or not when they apologized.)

*I edited the words actually. XD*

Not only so, sometimes,
"It's too late to apologize, its too late
I said it's too late to apologize, its too late..."
- Apologize by One Republic ft Timberland.


  1. MerryChristmas & HappyNewYear !!! I can't help but to notice... Shouldn't it be 'to another house' instead of 'to a another house'?

  2. merry xmas and happy new year to you too! ohya. sory. thx for the correction! =)
    hey, you din answer me previously. who are you actually? XD

  3. HappyBoxingDay & HappyNewYear!!! I'm just like any other ordinary blog reader... Nothing much about me actually. It doesn't matter who I am as long as you keep those interesting posts of yours coming in. :)

  4. haha. ok. =) btw, boxing day is some sales day right?

  5. I guess you can say so. It's somehow related to shopping in some sort of way. Just read about Boxing Day on Wikipedia by going to this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day

    I hope you'll find this link helpful.
    Have a great day ahead! :)

  6. thx for the info. =)

    u know wat. boxing day always gimme the impression of a boxing match. HAHAHA.

    you have a great day too. =)


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