Saturday, 26 December 2009


I've posted these pictures up in my Facebook actually.

Anyway, the picture below is Lolly (my dog, if you don't know by now, haha) and a Hush Puppies plushie (original 1 okay?! XD)

My dog is not the same breed as the Hush Puppies dog. Haha.
My dog is English Springer Spaniel while the Hush Puppies's ambassador (Haha) is Basset Hound.

She was initially scared of the plushie. Haha.

But now....
...she grew to love it. =)

She even know how to fetch the plushie when she's asked to.
Here's the proof! Hehe.

Okok, I know I sounded crazy because I asked her to fetch the plushie but said "Aiyo" when she does and then "good girl". Haha. Contradicts, I KNOW but WHATEVER! XD

And yes, I make cute voices to my dog as if she's a baby. XD
(Hey, she's MY BABY okay?!)

Anyway, seeing how she plays with it, I think I should really buy a new cheaper plushie before she destroys this!
(Own fault for making her play with it in the 1st place! XD)

Her birthday is coming anyway. =)

Last year, I bought a doggy tag written "Lolly" for her as a birthday present.
BUT she kept taking it out and...

...This is how it looks like right now.
*Full of scratches!*

ps : Next life, if I have to be born as an animal and given a choice to choose, I would wanna be a NOT just a DOG BUT a BEAUTIFUL dog. XD

pss : The walls in my room are no longer purple! They are now light pink, darker pink and white. Painted a few days ago, with the help of Ken Yang and mom. =)

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