Sunday, 27 December 2009

Silent Readers

Are you a silent reader?

I don't mean books but MY blog. Haha.

I noticed that there are quite a number of people who follows my blog.

One of them is Richard :

I mean, you people will talk to me about it, in msn or face to face but never,
...leave a single trace of your existence on my blog.

*Why do you wanna wear rubber gloves to my blog?!*

I even placed a chatbox on the right conner already.
(Can you SEE it?)
You could at least say "Hi"? Haha.

I mean, if you're a stalker or a copycat, I totally understand the secrecy. Haha.

If you don't know how to comment, you can always click on the "First Timers" at the top of my blog. =)

Answer 5 is pretty useless given that you're a silent reader, I know. Haha.

Time to remove your mask. XD

ps, Won't be around for the next three days. =)
Don't miss me (perasan). HEHE. XD


  1. "Where'd you go?
    I miss you so.
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone."
    - Holly Brook

  2. awwwwww! haha. back already. 2nite will have 1 new post. =)


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