Tuesday, 26 January 2010

5 Birthdays & 1 Makeover Par-tay!

What I've been busy with last week :

1. Janice's 21st birthday celebration at Chillis, 1 Utama.

2. My 20th birthday celebration with family and bf at Euro Deli.
(Not sure what that area is called but it's opposite Uptown. XD)

Then, we headed home for MY cake cutting session! XD

3. My SURPRISE 20th birthday celebration with friends and bf at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid.

*Thank you everyone!*

Special thanks to Sam for making it happen. =)

4. Kelly's 20th birthday celebration at BBQ Plaza, 1 Utama.

After that, we headed to Ken Yang's house for booze.

*Loser of the day : Stephen wasted on the doorstep. KAKAKA!*

5. Seventeen Magazine Makeover Party, Lot 10.

- The Rootz -

What we did :

a) New hairdo.

b) Make up!

c) Nails done by KuKu Bar. Haha.

*They used OPI btw. =)*

d) DIY necklace!

But I didn't have the chance to do it due to lack of time. =(

Pei Anne was chosen to be 1 of the 5 models! =)

CDs & postcards worth RM500 I've won from the lucky draw. =)

Entrance / Exit of The Rootz :

Oh! We've got goodie bagSSSS too.
1 from Seventeen mag and another from Clinique. =)

All that and more for RM60.
I think it's so totally worth it!
Thank you, Dorothy, for telling us!

6. Ieka's SURPRISE 20th birthday party at her Mont Kiara house.

*Love this pic!*


Lotsa fun last week but very tiring at the same time. Haha.


ps, 1 last thing, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and presents! =)


  1. OMG i was supposed to go to the 17 thing too! Haha if I went would have bumped into u. Lol. Glad u had fun at ur surprise. :)

  2. Hey, how do you actually find out about these seventeen events?

  3. Anon : My friend told me about it. then this year seventeen mag called me as well but i didnt go cuz no busy. :/


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