Sunday, 31 January 2010

Miss America 2010

Miss America 2010 has been crowned.

When I was young, I love to watch all these pageants shows.

I think I still do but I'm just too lazy to find out what time it will be on air and what channel etc.
I hardly even watch TV anymore!

Anyway, this is the winner :

- Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron -
I don't like her actually.

Well, at least she is not as bad as these :

- Miss Arkansas, Sarah Slocum -
She reminds me of a fish.
(I don't know why!)

- Miss Wyoming, Anna Nelson -
They even allowed underage girls to participate!

- Miss Delaware, Heather Lehman -
Overage ones too!
You can see wrinkles near her eyes, OMG.

- Miss New Hampshire, Lindsey Graham -
Why does she made me feel like she had white hair but dyed it black and now its turning grayish?

- Miss Nebraska, Brittany Jeffers -
Transvestites anyone?

Okay okay, I know I'm damn mean. XD

So here's some of the other participants which I think are on the prettier side. =) :

- Miss Utah, Whitney Merrifield -
She looked so much like Kristen Bell!
But I think Kristen Bell is better (picture below).

- Kristen Bell -

- Miss Illinois, Erin O'Connor -
I have mixed feelings about this one but there's just something unique about her that attracts me! Haha.

- Miss New Mexico, Nicole Miner -
This 1 is just OKAY. Looked abit like Thai or something. Haha.

I think this is the best :

- Miss Hawaii, Raeceen Anuenue Woolford -
She reminds me of Vannessa Hudgens a lil bit but what attracts me the most is the lack of make up on her face but she can still look gorgeous and friendly. =)

Maybe she's not chosen because it would be difficult for people to pronounce her name. XD

Just joking!

Can't wait for Miss Universe 2010!

U.S. is not gonna win.

Anyway, for the full album of the contestants,


  1. The only one I think is pretty-er is ms.illinois! LOLS

  2. I got to go to Vegas and watch it live. I was so happy to see Diane Garnick there. At least we know the women of Illinois are both beautiful AND brilliant!!



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