Friday, 1 January 2010

My 2009

In a blink of 2 eyes...

Its already THE END of year 2009.

For the past year,

1. Cut my hair short for the first time in more than a decade.

*It was my birthday! Eating cake! =)*

2. Attended university - met old friends and made new friends!

*The only rose among the thorns. HAHA. Just joking!*

3. Due to the addition of so many uni friends, celebrated so many birthdays.
(and burnt multiple holes, sometimes continuously, in my wallet. XD)

- Jay Chan -

- Sam -

- David Choo -

- Lawrence -

- Ken Yang -
(The one who burnt the biggest hole in my wallet. HAHA.)

...Made through lectures!

We tried really hard, ya know?

*Doodle time! XD*

Not to mention... slept through it too. XD

5. Witnessed the power of Blackberry.

*text, text, text......*

6. Broke up...

... Made up. XD

7. Went back to old school and saw my old class got DESTROYED.

8. Seen friends leaving the country one-by-one. =(

... and come back during their holidays. Haha.

9. Went for holidays.

- Langkawi Island -

- Pangkor Island & Sitiawan -

- Penang Island -

- Genting Highlands -

- Bukit Merah -
(and also Ipoh, Penang, Taiping and Bidor along the trip)

10. Went clubbing for the 1st time. *shhhh*

*I know I looked a bit drunk and horrible here. XP*

11. See my boyfriend become a cow. HAHA.

*It was KDU sports carnival day and he was the mascot*

12. Bought a new phone. XD

- My Nokia 6760 Slide -

13. Watched movies in Gold Class and Platinum in cinemas. HEHE.

- GSC Gold Class in 1 Utama -

- Platinum movie suites at Cathay Cineplex -

14. Learnt to cam-whore. Since then, I've cam-whored like there's no tomorrow. XD

With webcam or anything at all.

Some are forced to do it. HEHE!

Even in the car...

Some are influenced too! XD


15. Done and seen many wacky things = Had lotsa fun. =)

*He's trying to eat my pad. Gross, trust me, I know.*
(look at the faces of the people behind him)

*They were performing a play and Joel had to act as a woman due to the lack of females in their group. Haha.*

*Leon trying to be Bolt with his super short tongue!*

Happy 2010!!! =)

*This photo was taken at Desa Park City.*

Lotsa LOVE from me and Lolly. XD
(Yes, she was forced to camwhore with me too. HAHA! XD)

ps, There are toooooOOOO many pics to choose from (and also provided that I looked good in them. HAHAHAHA!). So, don't be sad/offended if you're not in here okay?


  1. haha.. great year in 2009 isnt it?
    all the best and happy new year 2010! =)


  2. All the best and fun memories of 2009, and this new year will be even better^^

    Happy New Year 2010 Elaine :)


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