Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fuck You by Lily Allen

To Ieka, Susan, Fadwa :
This is the song that I was talking about. =)

I tried to find the official music video but I don't think it is available.
Maybe because the TV channels won't show it also.
(or else there will be too much beeping. Haha.)

Anyway, even though it is a bit vulgar (Okay, ALOT. Haha.),
it's actually quite a nice and funny song!





  1. Omg! XD So cute lah this song!
    But i think i enjoy her 'smile' song better. Very mean lah i know, but she made it in a way that it's so... er... un-mean? XD

  2. Haha~ I like this song too^^ Feel so fun when listen to it :D

  3. mabel low : haha. i know! love the piano tune! =) yea i love the smile video. very funny. haha.
    bruce828 : totaly! as i said, cute piano tune. =)

  4. I like the song.. and i believe it will never come out on radio..

  5. the rhythm of whole song is sweet and soft... but turn out a rude sentence...

    fuck until so sweet... hahahaha

  6. woaini_87 : haha. i know. maybe tats y they dun hav an official video of it too. haha.
    kenneth : the nice way of saying "fuck you". hahahaha!


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