Friday, 1 January 2010

Click on Ads = BAN

To all the Nuffnangers out there,

I know its New Year but I've got a bad news for you.

Do you know that you CAN'T ask people to CLICK ON YOUR ADS?

No, not on the remote control!

No, not on this mouse either!

But on THIS mouse.

I wrote it on my blog post once, asking people to click on my ads.
However, my friend, Shang Yi, told me that it is against the terms and conditions of advertisers, including Googleadsense.
(Hey, terms and conditions are there for a reason okay? Haha.)

Then, I joined innit and realised that there are actually many bloggers who practiced that.
I was wondering that maybe it's legal afterall.

Thus, I emailed Nuffnang to clear off any doubts. =)

This is the reply :

So unfortunately, it's time to take off that "Click on my ads" words.
You don't want to get BANNED.

Have a nice day & Happy New Year!



  1. Hi dear!
    Happy New Year!

    Well, that's what my friend told me too. That's why I never asked people to click on my ads unless they drop by in my blog and tell me that they clicked mine --->> I'll click theirs after that. (I do hope it's okay with it)

  2. yeah it's considered cheating if you ask your friends to click on the ads.

    zara : I guess that should be pretty fine. I do the same too.

  3. i hope tats okay too... *wallet empty*


    Happy new year 2 u too! =)

  4. My Lord! There is a "Cheers!" from the message... LOL!

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you!

  5. Yeah, It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Hopefully other bloggers would be aware of this.Thanks.

  6. I did tell my readers to "Click on ads that interest them"

    I think it's essential to tell them about your affliation with nuffnang ads, so they will not mistake it for some scam

  7. wooi kit : hahaha. yea i know. happy new year 2 u too!
    clement : tats right. altho i would wana earn more, but i dun wana get banned either. haha. many ppl still do not know about this.
    issac : i think tats a better way! =)

  8. Hey Elaine... Thanks for sharing this... ^^

  9. They just said "not advisable to do do"... But there are so many people other there doing it. Are they really going to ban all of them? I doubt so =)

  10. Haha~ Well I never actually ask ppl to click on the ad in my blog, as I think the content on the blog is more important than the ad~

    So I follow all of my blogger fren~ read their post and in the end give some support to them by commenting and also "click click^^"

    Haha~ hope you will always follow me too^^

  11. kristin : as clement mentioned above, "It's better to be safe than sorry". i wish u all da best. =)

    bruce : tats right. but da nuffnang earnings is important too. HAHA. anyway, thx for support. will do da same 2 u. =)

  12. Good info... lucky i seldom ask people to click my adv.

    :P Happy new year 2010!

  13. Good to know. I think its called clicking fraud or something.. well, i usually would click on the ads of every blog or site that i visit if i think their's is good and urs is a good one :)

  14. bo the nerd : its called click fraud. its written in the emailed tat the nuffnang representative sent 2 me. =)

  15. Whoa, didn't know about that. Thanks for posting this post (:


    Grace Low.

  16. wow..thanks for the advice bro..

    i clicked ur nuffnang ads already..
    hmm, u noe wat to do..hehe...

    time to remove 'click my ads' in my blog..

  17. thx for da info
    usually when I nanged the post, i click on the ads too

  18. ur welcome everybody!
    btw, d4rkholeang3l, im not a bro!!!! haha.

  19. i did the same like lord zara.. ehehe.. nways.. thanks for the info.

    happy new year!

  20. Just last month I checked a featured blogger of Nuffnang and she wrote "tak kelik dapat buasir" on top of her Nuffnang ads. How ironic. How come Nuffnang can miss that?

  21. thank for sharing. lol and also the cute mouse.

  22. sorry...missed that Elaine...

    I got used to using the word 'bro' till I forgot to use 'sis'

    really sorry..haha..

  23. well, the ads are called advertisements. and advertisements advertise things which attracts people who are interested with the content thus clicking on it to find out more.

    now which part of the word advertisement, tells you that it is a mechanism to generate revenue?

  24. I have the same things happened to me... I even have his mail and also just wrote it on my blog...

    Thanks for sharing by the way...

  25. apamise : are u serious? tats so shitty. do they even read they blog b4 nominating them as blogger of the month? haha.
    mech : i know its so cute!!! haha.
    d4rklordang3l : its ok. =)
    dylan : i think its pretty clear in the email. askin ppl 2 click on da ads for the purpose of generating money is wrong. 1 more thing, why are u debating wit me? haha. im not da 1 who decides who gets banned. im just here 2 share wat i know. =)
    everyone else : ur welcome!

  26. like i said in my post below, i asked people to stop clicking ads..it's not good for advertising program (if u r in advertising field)..well u do the right thing by telling people about this..good job!


    P/s: the post actually in Mlays..sorry if u can't understand it! heh!

  27. F I T : i just went ur blog. i understand malay btw. haha. its good to know tat there are people who were really banned. =)

  28. owh bagus la faham melayu..heh!

    ya, take it as a lesson for us.. click fraud is no good at all..thanks ya!

  29. Haha! I have just banned by Google Adsense twice in a month. I don't understand why. Sob Sob! :(

  30. wooi kit : did u click on ur own ads? i heard that clicking your own ads gets you banned too. haha.

  31. If I have time to comment on your blog, then surely I have time to click on it.


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