Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Year 2010 Resolutions

Since this year is 2010, I shall have 10 resolutions! Haha.

My 10 resolutions this year :

1. Watch the Gossip Girl DVD burnt by Stephen since 2 years ago.

2. Watch the American Next Top Model DVD burnt by Ken Yang last year.

3. Stay in Nerd Mode.
(Tried last semester but failed. WUWUWU.)

*More study less play!*

4. Learn how to download movies. HEHE.

5. Choose nice photos from the computer and develop them to put into my 3 still-empty-photo-frames.

*Mine are plain hot pink actually. =)*

6. Lose my love handles.
(Worked a bit middle of last year but failed when got back together with Ken Yang. HAHA.)

*Jog, jog, jog!*

7. If number 6 worked, get belly piercing.

*I'll try. HAHA.*

8. Dye my hair.

*Maybe red? XD*

9. Get a new camera.
*No, not this model.*

10. Love Ken Yang more. XD

So, what's yours?



  1. hehe.. nice ..
    but y the last one is the last .. not the first.. ??

    and can i borrow ur american next top model..hehehe i wanna watch.

  2. haha. cuz leave the best for last? hahaha. anyway, can, but i haven watch it. XD wait til i watch it 1st!!! XD


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