Saturday, 16 January 2010

Last time...

Do you know why does the elderly people always like to say...

I don't remember who said this but that particular person said that it's because the old people's memory worsen as they grow old.

Yes, I know everyone knows that but how does that relate to the question?

You see...

Their memory were good when they were younger.
So all things can be "stored" in their memory.

However, when they are old,
their memory does not "save" as efficient as when they were younger.

Thus, all they can remember are what were stored,
which was mainly the past.

I'm not sure if this reason is true but
it's the only reason that makes their actions reasonable so far.

So, don't get agitated when the old people talk about their "last time",
you may become like that in the future too. XD

Have a nice day!


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