Thursday, 14 January 2010


I went jogging today.
(Trying to keep up with my year 2010 resolutions!)

I went 10 rounds at Taman Tasik Menjalara!

*This is an actual picture of part of Menjalara Park.*

Anyway, today, I saw these 2 girls warming up near the fountain area.
(if you've been this park, you will probably know where I'm talking about)

However, the funniest thing was,
til' my 6th round, they are still warming up at THAT ONE SAME SPOT!

*1, 2, 3, 4... 1, 2, 3, 4...*

By my 7th round, 1 of the girl left.
By my 8th round, thank God I didn't see them already.

You see...
Sometimes I don't understand people who goes to the jogging park but not exactly exercising.

Many times,
people try to park their vehicles as near as possible (where there's no proper parking box) to the jogging area although the car park still have many empty spaces.

*Okay, maybe not as bad as this. Haha.*

I mean, if to you, walking an extra 30 seconds distance also lazy, doesn't that defeats the purpose of you going to the jogging park then???

Not only so, there are many old dicks who dresses up in their sports attire but sits on the benches and observe women.
Ham sap lou, as we call it in Cantonese.

*Wah.... Look at that girl!*

Okay, maybe not all.

Then, as partly mentioned above,
there are young people (I don't expect the elderly to RUN. Haha.)
who does excessive warm ups but after that they just walk like they are shopping in the malls.

Some are texting at the same time or listening to the music too.


ps, Talking about warm ups, this reminded me of David in Langkawi Island where he did warm ups but in the end he got leg cramps. XD


  1. haha dont la zha david, warming up is important :)

  2. moon : haha. but its so funny! he's like damn pro in warm up but after tat aso "chow kan"! XD

  3. Ma Tut o0o.. Drank alot ma before dat night.. -.-" Forget bou jog la, it doesn't work! Haha! and for the parking, I said nonid to get the season parking, just park ur car far far away also doesn't matter, but someone answered 'Lazy walk!' talk cock only =P

  4. yea, drink alot can chow kan. haha. I SEEEEE...
    bout jog, eff u la david. XD
    lazy 2 come early like 30 mins n waste petrol tryin 2 find parkin. unlike you, u no need find ma. ur black beetle can park VIP section right? XD


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