Saturday, 21 November 2009

2012 + Gold Class

*The end is near....... RUN!!!!!!!!*

Blah blah blah..........!

You know that's all bullshit right?
Even The Star Newspaper said in an article that to promote the movie, the movie producers purposely made up a website with all the scientific words to say that the world will indeed end on Dec 21 2012.

Anyway, even by knowing its fake, I went to watch it anyway, in Gold Class.
It's me and Ken Yang's first time in Gold Class. =)

*The tickets, not gold plated. =( Haha.*

*The lounge for Gold Class customers.*

*Recliner for everyone!*

Not only so, we have a small table between the seats for us to put our food.
There was also this small button on the table that can be used to call a waiter.

Ok, one more thing special was their toilet.
Call me crazy but I took a picture of it anyway. Haha.

Notice there's plastic on the seat? You can actually press the red button on the left to change the plastic. Cool huh? Ieka said she saw it in Korea before.

Anyhow, even with Gold Class experience,
I find this movie disappointing. =(

For starters, the hype over this movie was wayyyy too much.

I mean, with all the sold out tickets, long queues at cinema at 10am and everyone was talking about it, anticipating it.
Turns out that this movie was not as good as I expect it to be.

The effects was wayyy too much and somehow that made it looked really fake, especially the part where Jackson, Kate and her family escaped from their home.
But maybe it's because I've never seen things like that and somehow I just can't relate to it.

*This 1 looked OK though. Haha.*

Another turn-me-off part was when the people in the movie die but yet the other people don't exactly mourn for them.
The best example was Kate, when her partner, Gordon, died, yes she cried abit but then got back together with her ex-husband.
Just like that!
In my head it was like "What the *tut*?!".

Besides that, did you realized that the ship did not seem to have any damage on the outside despite all the shits it had been through?
And also why their ship so "sui" 1 being the only 1 that goes through all the shits?

*Air Force One crashing on the ship*

And as Ryan Wong said,
"Be an awesome driver, awesome pilot and be really lucky".

*Awesome driver.*

*Awesome pilot.*

*The lucky people.*

Did you get what he mean?
In order to survive, you have to have all those traits or else you don't stand a chance!

Nevertheless, I find the message behind this movie was meaningful and touching.

First of all, it teaches the audiences that family is important and we should stay together when the worst strikes us.

It also tells us that we should appreciate what we have while we can.

This movie also tells us that selfishness will take place when it comes to saving people's own life.

*Everyone rushing to get into the ship.*

We have to learn from that and be humane when that time really comes.


One final thing......






Do you think that the president in the movie looked like an ape? XP

*This picture was photoshopped by Sandy.*



  1. The best example was Kate, when her husband, Gordon, died, yes she cried abit but then got back together with her ex-husband.

    normal la.. oldies are goodies wat. u also know. faham faham la skit

  2. gordon is kate's husband?

    tis version u directed is it?

  3. anonymous : haha. yea but it was like too fast?
    Zzzzzzz : gordon is kate's new husband. did u even watch it before commenting? dun make urself look silly. =)

  4. hey, gordon is kate's boyfriend. there is a difference there, boyfren and husband.

  5. kikikikikiki foolz

  6. to be honest, i dun think there's a clear view whether Gordon is her husband or boyfriend. some websites said its her husband while some said its her boyfriend.

    i think we can agree that he's just her partner. ok?

  7. it's just yet another disaster movie, I really don't understand the fuss... it's all graphic and gimmick and what's worse than those cheapsakte, small minded Hollywood producers trying to manipulate people's fear and ignorance wrapped with fancy 3D effects is that tons of noobs raving about the movie, eating this crap right up...

    Use your brains, people

  8. G : exactly. "Knowing" was worst than this. haha.

  9. And E, 32 bucks for a gold class ticket, wtf???? lol

    Hope it's worth the money lah

  10. no, its RM45 (its on top of the RM32, see properly). haha. RM32 is b4 the tax and craps. haha.

    the experience was nice. but not the movie. haha.


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