Monday, 2 November 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

*Ignore the "Coming Soon" word. It came already! XP*

I watched "The Time Traveller's Wife" with Ken Yang the other day.

The main cast are Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.
The movie mainly revolves around love, between lovers, father & son, and father & daughter.

I wouldn't say that the movie was superb but it stucked in my head for a few days (until now!).
Just by thinking of the last scene can put me in tears.
It was really touching and sad.

Continue reading if you want to know the ending or else just skip this paragraph. Haha.
The last scene :
The girl was running damn fast towards the guy.
They hugged, kissed, whatever.
Then, the guy slowly disappears because he can't control his time travelling ability.
And they both know that, that will be the last time they will ever see each other again.
Isn't that so sad?!!!

Go watch it if you are into romance movie.
Otherwise you will probably get bored because the movie is the slow moving type, if you get what I mean. =)


  1. Hehe..juz watched this with mindy on fri too =P
    I think they originally intended to have a different ending where the girl was like maybe 80yrs old or smtg looking out the window when suddenly she hears footsteps behind her and knows he's here..

    But they changed it mayb coz it might seem too depressing to show that the girl waited so many more yrs juz to see him again =X

    u shud read the book too, more clearer i think xD

  2. really? yea, tat would be more depressing. =(
    and this is already sad enough!!!! =(
    *cry* haha.

    did you read the book?

    do you have the book?

  3. yeap, read it few mths ago i think, but now forgotten most of it edi..haha..i alwayz like to finish a book fast but also forget it super fast =P

    I have the book but mindy's sis juz borrowed it xD

  4. damn! but its ok. ive been really lazy to read books lately. haha. il ask from u when i hav the WANT to do it k? hehe.


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