Saturday, 21 November 2009


*Don't let this happen to you!*

You know,
CRAZY people are everywhere, whether you like it or not.

*Yes, including crazy frog!*

In fact, everyone is crazy to someone in this world.
Each of us may have a certain traits that drives other people crazy.

Thus, I find it important that we know how cope when people drives us insane and learn to maintain our sanity.

Sanity is defined as soundness or health of mind.

In order to preserve that, firstly, we should learn how to :

1. Be understanding
Think about the sad aspects of the crazy people's life.
For instance, perhaps he/she has trouble making friends and is lonely.

2. Distance yourself
Do everything you can to put distance between you and the crazy person.
You don't want to get infected.

3. Be patient
You have to understand that psycho people can't think logically and just don't get it.
Be patient with them as they don't think normal like you.
*Breathe in, breathe out*


4. Be forgiving
They are crazeee. Need I say more?
That's pitiful enough. Forgive them for their actions.

*Yes, you are!*

5. Be YOU
Don't show yourself as an idealist or perfect.
Avoid acting, incarnating other people or behaviours because being YOU is just healthier.

Most of all,
It improves your health and stress level because smiling tricks your mind to make you feel good. =)
Not only so, studies showed that smiling releases Endorphins, Natural Pain Killers and Serotonin which are natural drugs to our bodies.

*See! Even this dog knows how to smile!*

Have a nice day.



  1. Crazy people everywhere... me included lol

    Basing on my personal experience, the best way to deal with crazy people is walk away, but that kind of explains how I'd become one of those... But you do have a point...


  2. agree with G.

    walk away or ignore them

  3. yes yes, tat was the purpose of this post anyway. im gonna be understanding, distance myself, be patient, be forgiving, be me and smile. =)
    thank you people. =)


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