Thursday, 26 November 2009

Nokia 6760 slide

People, I need your opinions!

Should I get this phone, iPhone or some other phones?

Ok, here's the thing.

I also want to get a new camera. Haha.

If I get an iPhone, most probably I wouldn't be able to get a new camera, at least in a short-term.
But the thing about this Nokia phone, it does not have Wi-Fi.
However, how often does people use Wi-Fi exactly?

Please vote!

Thank you!

Oh by the way, I know I've mentioned about the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition but I don't think it will be released in Malaysia because it has been SOOOOOOOO LONG! =(


  1. I'd reckon most would say,

    got the $$$, go for the iphone.

  2. anon : 1 thing is, if i get iphone, probably i cant get a camera after tat. HAHAHA.
    dorothy : u shd see the real thing! i think its nice! but da only downside is no wifi! =(

  3. i dono why...iphone just doesn't appeal to me...haha! i find it a waste of money...nokia's good..but sometimes a bit bulky...i dono bout this hp la...but it looks a bit odd shape...not so stylish..more up to mayb LG? the crystal keypad one still looks good to me ^^ oh btw, today at 3 Two Square got phone fair...last day adi...phones r quite cheap and it's original...go hav a look ^^

  4. I would say get an iPhone. when I first discovered iPhone, I didn't like it either. especially since it's touch screen. but trust me, once you get hooked to the apps, you'll love it. Regarding wireless, I would say, you will indeed find it useful. I use them almost everyday whenever I feel lazy to switch on my laptop :D it's so convenient!

  5. IH : hmmm... but can i play games in facebook in iphone? switching on laptop is not a prob to me. but do u use Wi-Fi in public?

    Ruiyi : i would choose between nokia and iphone only. haha. i dont want LG bcuz many ppl said no good altho design nice. and the crystal real thing is kinda bulky and its expensive anyway. if im gona get crystal, might as well i just get iphone, almost same price. haha. nahhh it ok. cuz if im getin phone il probably get from my cousin who works at maxis. =) thx anyway

  6. Most applications on today's phone requires a connection to the internet. Since 3G/WAP/GPRS connections provided by your telco provider is expensive, Wi-Fi is much cheaper (or free - yay for public networks). So i recommend u to get a phone with Wi-Fi since you are virtually always on the net.

  7. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM................... still thinking!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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