Saturday, 7 November 2009

Leon's 20th Birthday

It was Leon's 20th birthday yesterday.

We threw him a surprise party at ZEN.
Fyi, the food there are maxpensive. Haha.

*Hi, my middle name is E which stands for Expensive.*

All of us gathered at ZEN first.
The plan was to meet there at 11.30 - 11.45am but most of them only reached at 12.30pm.
Talking about punctuality!

Anyway, later, Vincent brought Leon, who was totally clueless and thinking that he was going Sushi Zanmai instead, to ZEN.
He was surprised when he saw us there. AWWWW. XP

The 2nd surprise was we brought his BABY, Isabella, there too. Hehe.
*soooooooooo happy!*

*me and Janice trying to copy them. Hehe.*

Pictures while waiting for food :
*Ka-Yee : hungry, eat chopsticks first.*

*Kelly & Su-Woei : follow suit.*

*Me, Sam & Ka-Yee did the same pose unintentionally. Haha.*

*Hui Yin, Janice & whoever's finger that is. Haha.*

*Leon, Lawrence, Vincent (still have problem posing. LOL) & Eugene*

*Moon Lum, David & Sean*

Here comes the food :
*I know I know, it looked like a coffin. Haha.*

*Ta-daa! But it looked delicious once you've opened the cover. =)*

*Some RM8 roll I had, which was just OKAY.*

*more food*

*Everyone, except me. =(*

3rd surprise : THE CAKE.
Bought by Leon's girlfriend. =)

*Look at his expression. SOOOOOOO happy!*

*We made him take out the candle with his teeth.*

Actually someone (I think it's Sean) pushed Leon's head while he was doing that but the cake's surface was not soft enough.
Thus, there was only a brief dent of the shape of his nose on the cake's surface. Haha.

*Leon CHOPPING the cake.*

I left after that because I've got a class to attend.
However, Sam told me that they pranked Leon by leaving him to "settle" the bill. Haha.
Poor guy, he actually wanted to go to the ATM to get more cash.
Luckily they called him to tell him that they paid the bill for him already. Haha.

Anyway, Happy 20th Birthday Leon!

You're an OLDER MAN now. XP

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