Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Book Covers

Which book cover do you like best? =)

I think all of them looked really nice.
That's not the main point.

There's a saying "Don't judge a book by its cover".

This quote simply means don't judge things or people based on their appearance only.
This is because, the things and people may be better than what we know from the surface.

Yes, we have been told that we shouldn't be so judgmental.

Some books may look plain and boring from the covers but as you read it, you discovered that it is actually an awesome book.

Vice versa, the cover may look really really nice but as you read the book, you feel like falling asleep instead.

Same thing applies to people.
Sometimes, the more you know someone, the more ugly (on the inside) they actually are.

It's like buying one of the books above but when you opened it, you get THIS.

There goes your money.
But it's OK, the money can be earned again.

Or, you can always flip to the end of the book to read the ending.

How about people?

You can't know the ending immediately.

You see, time is needed for us to know someone else.

For example, to realize that a liar is a liar, first you have to hear them lie.
To discover loop holes in their stories.

To see that a hypocrite is a hypocrite,
You would have to witness them doing things that they criticized others for doing.

And the list goes on.

When you discovered a lot of things about your friend that you disliked, you can't help but to feel disgusted.
You refused to believe that someone you know and liked before is actually like THAT.
Eventually, you'll just have to leave them for the better so that you won't feel further disgusted.

Its difficult.

Sometimes I wish I can just UNREAD a book and let the impression remain as what it was,
As a book with a beautiful cover.


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