Sunday, 1 November 2009


Yup, change.
Even the United States of America has voted their 1st Black President.
Things CAN change.

*Note : all above are just bullcrap*

What I wanted to talk about today is...

Can PEOPLE really change?

Even after 2nd chance, 3rd chance, 4th chance, 5th chance.... n-th chance?
Do they?

You see, old habits die hard. Agree?

Well, old attitudes die hard too.

For example, a LIAR will not stop lying.
Yes, they MAY lie LESS but the lies will still be there.

Some people I know are really good liars. They can make up a story here and then another story there and their story telling skills are fantastic. I would give them an Oscar award if I can, really.

*and the award goes to....*

Not only so, someone who is very SENSITIVE about things such as what people says will continue being sensitive over the silliest things ever.
An example of a scenario is like a group of people was talking about this ugly purple outfit of a guy that just passed by. The sensitive person who coincidently wearing a purple colour shirt too will say "I know you're saying that my shirt is ugly too!", and storms off.

People with anger management problem, even after attending anger management classes, will still get mad over petty things.

A : My dick is longer!!!!
B : No, MINE!!!!

Basically, people with ATTITUDE problem, do NOT change.

You may give them chances, over and over again and convince yourself that that person has changed for the better but MOST of the time, they don't.
Instead of asking "What I did wrong?",
these kind of people will ask "What is wrong with that fuck face?"

People can't change unless they are truly sorry for their actions and know exactly what went wrong. If they knew what they did and yet they still think they are QUITE right as in just ABIT wrong, I doubt that person will change his/her attitude, seriously.

Only those with extraordinary willpower can change their attitude for the better.

On the other hand, for someone who keeps ticking us off, it is really difficult for us to forgive them TOTALLY.

People always say "To forgive and forget".

It's easier said than done.

This is because, even if we try to forgive, when the person we forgiven repeated their mistake, we would go "There he/she goes again blah blah blah..." and we will start telling people all the shits they did in the past.
Then as times goes by, we forgive them again.
And the cycle repeats.

Yes, people MAY not keep repeating the same mistakes but if that someone did a mistake and then they did another totally different mistake, we would just accumulate them together.

To truly forgive is to first forget.

But if those people kept doing things that makes me REMEMBER the shits they did,
I can't forget.

So the question today is :

Before you vote, ask yourself have you met anyone who really changed for the better completely before?

Now, vote! =)


  1. Haha.. You have 1 hell of a friend... That person must have been a great storyteller... wakaka... The worst part is you still consider that person your friend? Just chuck that person aside and ignore that person completely lah... after all this time, you're still taking a liar as a friend? You should know better not to ever go near that person again mah...

  2. Hey! Did you change your post or something like that? I remember you are refering to a particular person or rather a particular friend of yours... What's up with the sudden change?

  3. yes yes, i edited abit. haha. sorry about that. bcuz i din want to make it THAT obvious. hahahaha. u caught me.

  4. Haha.. There's no need to ask for forgiveness... That "friend" of yours is rather a loser and he doesn't need to have any "special" mention on your blog post at all.. take care!

  5. HEY GURL! WHAT'S UP? I lik tis post the most on ur lovely blog! All abt some shit characters other ppl hav! 100% sure it's a freaking guy (juz lik wat Anonymous suggested)! Girls r da most innocent ppl on Earth! HaHa. Hope to c ya around.. 5*s for this post!

  6. no, i dun think girls are the most innocent ppl! haha.

    but thanks anyway, both of u. =)

  7. i guess there are kinds of people in the world. unfortunately we know a few. but let's hope they will change. =)


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