Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why I Started Blogging

I used to NOT like reading blogs except Kennysia's. Yes, im a huge fan of Kennysia. XP!
But somehow now i started to read other blogs too. I don't know if its because of Sam. (maybe? hehe.) Its kind of fun to see what people have been up to lately even if I did not meet them or talk to them.

But I think what pushes me to really START blogging is because some of the things I wrote or pictures/links etc I posted in Facebook is not seen by everyone. I think its due to everyone having a lot of friends in Facebook and thus the many notifications until mine is overshadowed (call me the attention seeker but whatever, yes, WHATEVER).

Im gonna give you this "whatever pose". XP
*damn cute right?*

Anyway, for example, this comment I saw in Youtube when I was searching for the Kanye West taking over Taylor Swift's mic video at the VMAs few weeks back but instead I got plenty of other people talking craps instead in Youtube instead.

Did you get it? If you don't (if you are that slow, really. XP) , lemme explain it to you. HemiJeep19 is the owner of the vid and he is oh-so-excited because his video was viewed for 1,031,722 times (thinking everyone enjoyed watching him ranting). The things is, everyone like GerrandisBoss and myself were trying to find THE original clip but we got THAT instead.

Besides that, I enjoy taking photos and I think I would have plenty to put on my blog. (Sorry I don't have any YET! will post up some VERY VERY SOON, trust me. XD)

Another reason is probably because it can generate $$$ via Nuffnang (hehe).

OK, not gonna rant so much. =) Signing off now. =)

ps, check out my new tweet section on the right. XD
pss, should i write in proper language and spelling or my own style like the previous post? lemme know pls!!!!!! thx!!!!!

Lotsa LOVE,


  1. Good job. Keep up with the good and proper language.



  2. super warm huge BIG welcome & hope you have fun blogging hun ! support you to d maxxxx. (;

    <3 <3

  3. hehehe. thank you both! MUAKS!

  4. the kid is sooooooo cute!!! hahaha XD


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