Friday, 9 October 2009

How I Spent My Holiday : Monday

Chilllaxed at home, set up a new blog. Setting up a blog is not as easy as it seemed.

I had to :
1. Set up a gmail account
2. Set up a blogspot account using the gmail account
3. Think of a nice name for the blog
4. Find a nice template
5. Find a nice picture which goes with the template
6. Change font type, size and colour
7. Learn how to add and use tools (had a lil trouble adding twitter but its ok now. XD)
8. Get a nice picture of myself to put in my profile and crap something about me (although i did not actually wrote anything at the profile page. XP)
9. Think of something nice to vomit out at the blog.
10. Ta-daa! XP

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