Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Does it annoy you sometimes when you filled up a form and it requires you to fill in your "First Name" and "Last Name"?
And occasionally your "Middle Name" too?

This applies only for the Westerners because their name comprises of those three elements.
For example, Sarah Jessica Parker.
(Disclaimer : I used her name but it doesn't mean I'm her big fan. Just that she is one of the very few celebrities who uses their full name.)

Sarah is her first name, Jessica is her middle name, and Parker is her last name or family name.

While this applies for Westerners,
this "First Name", "Middle Name", and "Last Name" thing doesn't really apply to the majority of Malaysians.

For the Chinese, their last name is not their family name.
For example, Chow Lei Sei.
Sei is not his family name. His family name is Chow.

Meanwhile, for the Malays and Indians,
their father's name at the back of their names.
eg, Ali bin Abu. Abu is Ali's father.
Maybe that is close enough to be considered as a last name??
I don't know.

The thing is, why can't they make things simpler by just putting a column for "Name"?

So how do we fill up the forms?

I don't think it literally meant First, Middle and Last Name although one of my friends said that.
For example, Chow is first name, Lei is middle name, and Sei is last name.

All these while, what I did was putting my surname as my last name.
I don't know if that is right.
If you know better, please clarify.

Thanks. =)


  1. hey at least u have a christian name to put unlike me =( u can go first name : elaine and last name : new
    since most forms nowadays only require first and last. hehe

  2. wazzup.. in case u dun remember me, i'm yin's friend..

    anyhow, being in the US.. i've found out..

    Say my name, Andrew Chu Per Hao..

    1st name = Andrew
    last name = Chu
    middle name = Per-Hao

    (notice the hyphen to show dumbass matsallehs that it's two diff words)

    So here i'm known as Andrew Per-Hao Chu.. =)

  3. yin : yea i know but wat if its formal forms? elaine is not in my IC. haha.
    andrew : hey, thx alot. i din know that. BUT, wat if that person do not hav an english name?

  4. Janice Melissa Thean has a middle name!!!!! hmmphh..
    ohh and in Malaysia the term last name is used but the more appropriate term should be sur-name. which in your case is new. so even if they ask for last name just hit them with a 'new'.
    and come on, mat-sallehs shouldnt be called dumbasses just because their culture is different from ours! the true dumbass is the one who can accept the cultural difference.

  5. ohh oops i posted it as elaine.. oops oops oops!!!!!!!!! sorry :)

  6. hahahaha. janice! trying 2 be me?! hahahaha. n urs is janice melissa thean something something! hahaha.
    anyway, thx babe!
    and your last sentence "the true dumbass is the one who can accept the cultural difference". i think u meant "CANT accept the cultural diff"?


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