Monday, 26 October 2009

Double *tut*

I had a test that started at 10am today.

Before that, Kevin called me.

Kevin : Where's the class?
Elaine : (just woke up) Err.. I'll check and text you later.
Kevin : Where are you ar?
Elaine : Home la.

*ends call*

Checks time. 10am.


Ended up reaching university at about 10.30am.

Then, can't find the class. It was supposed to be SW3-1 but I went NW3-1.
Reached the exam hall only at 10.40am.

Double *tut*.

I don't know how I did. I hope at least I've passed. =(


  1. have a buddy system.....a group...call and communicate with each other to make sure all your group members reach already....hahaha....dont be like me....missed one final paper....TnT

  2. haha. die man. next time got test must ask mom wake me up. hahahaha! o put multiple alarms!

  3. LOL elaine. Amazing can make it to coll in 1/2 hour. haha.. next time put lar 3 alarm clocks!

  4. at some point i think i went 140km/h. XP and lotsa cucuk cucuk. HAHAHAHA. eh but i got 8/20 hahaha. still passed! XP. but sadly, i think i woulda done better if i were early. =( my lousy phone only can put 1 alarm clock. =(


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