Monday, 12 October 2009

Confrontation is...

... NOT something that most of us practice.


Well, did you confront the moody faced staff in the shop giving you horrible services?
(What is your name? I want to see your manager!)

Did you confront the mute stranger who did not say "Excuse me" but pushes you instead?
(Excuse me? Can't you say "Excuse me"?)

Did you confront your siblings for being such a pain in the ass sometimes?

Did you confront your lecturer for saying "infailure goods" instead of "inferior goods", multiple times?
(Go take up English lessons please!)

Did you confront the person who grabbed your ass in the club and walked away?
(Wat the *tut*!)

Did you confront the uncle who asked you to take away your dog because he thinks your dog is harmful to his precious kid?
(Go lock your kid in the cage or build a private playground instead!)

Did you confront your friend who did something bad to you?
(F*ck you!)

I did not.

I think we do not practice confrontation as much as Westerners does. Most of us would rather talk to someone else about it after that. We would bottle all the anger inside of us and put on a fake smile but sometimes, there is only so much a human can take. We will eventually reach a point where we couldn't take it anymore and just explodes.

We have this perceptions that confrontation will create a scene and also damages relationships so we rather not do it.

Is that good? Well, who am I to judge when I practice the same thing? Haha.

Nevertheless, I lost some friendships because I was afraid of confrontation. I would rather ignore them than talking to them about it. To tell you the truth, I don't think I regretted it because there are just some friends who are not worth being friends with, not worth draining all your energy for being mad at them.
*unless they are sincerely sorry*

Friend comes and goes.
You make some, you lost some, and you kept some.

I'm glad I still have many. =)
(Right? I hope???)

Or I can always have Lolly!!!! Hehe.

*as though she was saying "huh? me?"*

Super cute!


  1. I am a big pussy when it comes to confrontation. Whenever bad things or bad people happen to me, I slap a big smile on my face, put up with it and let the whole thing slide. I do the "grin and bear it" thing all the time, which qualifies me as the biggest wussy in the world. Still I have a profound admiration for people who are ballsy enough to stand up for themselves. I hope you have the balls enough, E.

    -Love, N-dog

  2. haha. i know who are you! there's only one person in da world who calls me E. =)

    anyway, i duno if i have the balls. =(

  3. it sucks to lose a friend though..don't u think so sometimes? =(

  4. it sucks but sometimes you just reach a point where you just don't care if they exist in your life or not. haha. its like it sucks even more that they existed in your life in the 1st place.

  5. haha..that sentence "its like it sucks even more that they existed in your life in the 1st place." i lieek.. XD


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