Wednesday, 21 October 2009

In Loving Memory of Sophie

Hey, Sophie.

It has been exactly 2 years since you're gone.


I missed you so much.

Looking back at all your pictures just makes me sad because all of it showed that you were clearly sick and old.

You were a good dog. A very good one.
I don't think I can find another one like you.

Even though most people said you were ugly as you had skin diseases and you were blind, but to me, you are the best.
You were obedient, smart and you were there to lick my tears (haha) when I needed someone.

You can think I'm biased, that it is unfair to my current dog and probably many other dogs to come, but it is the truth.
I wished that I had treated you better, gave you the life that I've been giving Lolly now.

I wished that I choose to put you to sleep instead of putting you through so much pain before you died.
That is something I really regret until now.
I will never forget the day you died in front of me.

I still think of you occasionally.
You just creep into my head and it makes me sad each time I do. =(

I am crying as I'm writing this.
(Lolly is with me now but she's too caught up with her bone to even realize that.)

I don't know where do dogs go after they die.
Do dogs have heaven?
If they do, I'm pretty sure you were in the list because
You ARE the world's best dog.

I hope that you are doing well.

ps, you would not understand this unless you loved a dog as much as I do.

Loving you forever & always,
Your 2nd owner.

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  1. babe. i know how it feels. terribly bad,am really sorry. but just ask yourself, if you could be selfish enough and want them to suffer just because you want them to be by your side.

    well at least you're old enough to take good care and have full responsibility on your cutieLolly now, provide her with maximum happiness and neverending love. im sure Sophie would be proud, just as Faith will be. =)

    XOXO !


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