Friday, 9 October 2009

How I Spent My Holiday : Friday

I went to Mid Valley Megamall with Ken Yang. =D

F3 (Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge) in MV was having Members' Day Sale from 2-10pm. Everything in the store have 20% off. Hehe. So, as a big fan of Topshop, of course I went!

Being a smarty-panty, I went earlier, before 2pm, tried everything first and reserved them on the counter. MUAHAHAHA. So, I need not queue for going into the shops or fitting room when the crowd comes at 2.

I bought 1 dress and 2 tops. HEHE. And I got to spin the wheel because i purchased more than RM100. But I only got a RM10 voucher. I wanted the Topman Pendrive!!!! =(

Anyway, Playboy was advertising their new perfumes in the mall and this was how they did it, the Playboy way.

* Lamborghini + Bunnies + Perfume*

Nuff' said. =)

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