Sunday, 18 October 2009



Don't everybody hates that???!

I do!

Are you like me where the lecturer gives you two weeks to complete that particular assignment and the first week was a holiday but you only start panicking the last 5 days but wouldn't move your bum to do it until the last 3 days?
(Yes, that's me. Haha.)

The main reason for this is simply because we procrastinate WAYYYY too much!!

*dog sleeping while studying - super cute*

What can we do to stop this from happening?

Number 1
Choose a quiet environment.
Don't do your assignment in a room full of noisy people or things.
Yes, "people", friends are great company but you will probably end up gossiping and go have lunch.
And your boyfriend or girlfriend are great lovers but you will probably go out for a movie date instead.
Studying in a secluded place allows you to focus all your energy on the assignment.
*focus... focus...*

Number 2
Eliminate things that may distract you.
For example, TV, internet connection, music, Wii, mobile phone...
(you get the drift, its your favourite things.)

Number 3
Don't procrastinate too long (like me) until you don't leave yourself a reasonable duration to finish the assignment.
You will get so stressed out and discouraged and would just crap your way throughout the whole assignment.
Then blame your lecturer for being too strict when you get a lousy grade.

Number 4
In the end, its your willpower that is utmost important.
If your willpower is weak, you will just automatically surrender yourself to the remote control (or anything).

Don't be like me.
(my assignment's due date is tomorrow! X.X)


ps, I have no idea what happened to Nerd Mode. =(


  1. 22 hours 45 mins till deadline for law xD -J.P-

  2. hahahaha. GOOD LUCK to all of us. XP


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