Friday, 9 October 2009

How I Spent My Holiday : Thursday

*awesome aint it? =)*

I went Genting Highlands with Ken Yang, Sam, Hui Yin, Lawrence, Moon Lum, Charlie, Ieka, and Faez.

It was a 1-day trip.

We started off with our lunch prepared by Lawrence's grandparents : Curry Chicken. But we had to eat at his car. Haha. Low budget trip. XP

*Charlie eating directly from the pot cover while the rest used tissue paper*

*Lawrence attacking the curry chicken*

Coincidently, our university friend, Leon went Genting Highlands with his bunch of friends too.
And, coincidently again, Joel, Kean, Esther, Farhana and the gang went on the same day too.
And, coincidently, freakishly, Edward Cheong, my secondary school mate, went with his friends too.
Its like a reunion up there. HAHA.

~ Theme Park ~

*Me and Ken Yang*

*Faez and Ieka*

*Me and Ieka*

*The girls*

*Buckle up! Safety first!*

*Faez : scared!*

*Me and Ieka doing naughty things in the telephone booth. XP*

*Ka-yee was there! XP*


Anyway, what matters most was, we all had fun. =)


*my handsome boy! XD*

*Group picture!*

*going home*

Me and Ken Yang are actually kinda bored with Genting Highlands already considering this is my 3rd time there this year and his 5th time this year. Haha. So, we are NOT going Genting Highlands again this year.

I said "NO, NO, NO".


Well maybe. =)

(All photos stolen from Ken Yang. XP)


  1. Looks like a fun trip. Can't wait to see more pictures of trips you'll be taking. A great start for a brand new blog.
    -your BFF, Grey


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